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25 Rare Facts About Michael Jackson You Shouldn’t Miss

by Madhvi Bansal
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Undeniably Michael Jackson is the king of pop and a legend on the dance floor. He is regarded as a pure entertainer for several decades. His accolades are not just limited to his iconic dance moves and songs. We all know him as a significant cultural figure of the twentieth century. There is even something that his die-hard fans would have missed. Here we are about to list down 25 rare and interesting facts about Michael Jackson that probably you had not known. 

  1. The legend was on his accolades. This most awarded artist had received 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 40 Billboard awards and much more. 
  2. Imagine Michael Jackson playing the role of superman. Sounds interesting? Yes, he even tried to acquire the Marvel comics when it almost got bankrupt back in the 90s so that he could able to play the superman. This dream did not come true for various reasons. 
  3. One of the songs from Michael Jackson’s album “thriller” was the 1st music video by a black artist to be featured on MTV. Billie Jean is the second single from album thriller. 
  4. Michael Jackson once tried to become the superhero by pitching himself for the role of ‘Professor X’. This happened as soon as they launched the movie campaign for the very first time. He again could not grab the role and it eventually went to Patrick Stewart. 
  5. When the album ‘Thriller’ got released, the rave was also about its costumes. It was actually all bought for a low price from the ‘Salvation Army’. 
  6. Once when the legendary singer Michael Jackson commented about his song from his early music days, he felt like he was listening ‘Minnie Mouse’ kind of singing. 
  7. The moonwalk from Michael Jackson is still ruling the internet. The fact is that it was originally inspired by an artist named ‘Marcel Marceau’. Still, people are watching and dancers around the world trying to imitate him. 
  8. The hugely popular music video from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was initially been threatened by the followers of a particular religious group. They claimed it resembled their belief and Michael Jackson even had to add a disclaimer to soothe things down. He even thought of discontinuing the project as they threatened Michael Jackson before he added the disclaimer. 
  9. Michael Jackson through his music videos and lyrics had set 23 Guinness world records and one of them after when his no more. 
  10. All through his life, Michael Jackson loved Mexican foods. Burritos and Tacos are his favorites when it comes to his list of regular takeaways. 
  11. ‘It’s Britney, Witch’ from the iconic star Britney was inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic music video ‘Thriller’. She did this inspired video skit as a fangirl of Michael Jackson for Radio 1. 
  12. If ever wonder why there are two stars on Michael Jackson on Hollywood Walk of Fame and what it denotes, here is your answer. The first star represents Michael Jackson himself and the other represents Jackson 5. 
  13. Pinocchio by Disney is the most loved cartoon character by Michael Jackson during his childhood. 
  14. Michael Jackson’s – ‘Bad’ video was handled by Martin Scorsese. Scorcese is a legendary director in Hollywood and is known for his new wave of movie-making. 
  15. Billboard 200 featured Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video for 122 consecutive weeks. 
  16. The king of pop has received 8 Grammy awards in a single year which no other artist has done ever. It was achieved in the year 1984. 
  17. This music legend’s childhood was not that great and he also desired children should not suffer. To symbolize his love for children, he even wore a black armband to spread the change. 
  18. If you wonder what it takes to be a black artist who produces music videos which are considered universal? Here is a fact! There were even radio stations that refused to play songs by Michael Jackson because he was black. One of his videos ‘Beat’ featured later citing the reason it had Van Halen playing guitar in it. 
  19. Michael Jackson is fond of animals and had even pet a chimp named Bubbles. Other than his favorite pet Bubbles, he had also pet 2 llamas and strangely a python too. Interestingly Michael Jackson was so attached to his pet chimpanzee and had even made several public appearances with bubbles. Unfortunately over some time when his pet chimp got aggressive for unknown reasons, he had to move it out of his house. 
  20. The villagers of Gabon from the Ivory Coast for their love for Michael Jackson decided to give him a royal title. This title awarded to him by the village people dubbed him as a King. 
  21. Michael Jackson has a 2700 acre property in California which is currently on sale values around 100 million USD. Notably, this Neverland Ranch property features a theme park, zoo and even a cinema hall inside its huge 2700 acre area.   
  22. His craze to own expensive souvenirs leads him to bid and buy an Oscar award in 1999 which was originally given to the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ as the best picture award. He bought this award from David O. Selznick for a whopping cost of 1.5 million USD. 
  23. Do we know of Michael Jackson reading books that too from a lending library? One of the libraries accused Michael Jackson of not paying his library fines of around 1 million USD. 
  24. Michael Jackson had always wanted to make his music comeback spectacularly. He even planned a launch a giant robot resembling him roaming the Vegas and launching his comeback. When this plan did not go well as they could achieve the feat, Michael Jackson planned again to launch a casino. The ideas did not kick start as he could not able to raise the required funds.  
  25. Though Michael Jackson is said to have undergone only two cosmetic procedures to correct his nose and chin. It is believed that he could have done more two in his lifetime. 

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