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30 Hour Old Newborn Baby Diagnosed with Coronavirus in Youngest Case Yet

by Madhvi Bansal

Coronavirus outbreak has killed more than 600 people alone in china and has infected over 28,000 people. There are near about 60 million people who are under threat  in China of being infected with the virus including the three cities that reported more than 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. In the latest, a Chinese newborn has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is the youngest case recorded so far across the world.

Baby born with coronavirus infection

The news of newborn infected with coronavirus came from the state media outlet Xinhua on Wednesday. It reported that the  newborn who weighed 3.2 kg at birth is now stable but under observation of the doctors. The baby was born on February 2, 2020 in Wuhan. The mother of the baby was tested positive during her pregnancy. However, it is now unclear how the disease was transmitted to the baby. Was it in the womb or after birth? The newborn doesn’t have fever or cough but the       X-Ray of his chest showed the signs of infection. The newborn also had  shortness of breath along with problems in functionality of liver.

Baby could be infected easily

According to the medical experts, this case has revealed that the infection can be contracted in the womb. Therefore, it has become crucial for the doctors to pay attention to mother-to-be and her fetus as pregnancy can be the possible route for the transmission of coronavirus. Well, there is also a possibility that the baby was infected after birth from having the close contact with the mother, healthcare workers, mother’s coughing, breastfeeding or delivery.

Fear of coronavirus is worldwide

Coronavirus is no more limited to China. The cases have spread to 25 countries with a total of 191 cases in the other countries. In Australia, atleast 14 cases are reported while in Japan 45 cases of coronavirus are highlighted. Along with these, 28 cases are in Singapore, 23 cases in South Korea, 25 cases in Thailand and 11 cases in Taiwan. Spain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Finland and Belgium are the countries where atleast 1 case of coronavirus is reported. According to the report by the Journal of American Medical Association, patients are generally between 49 and 56 years of age. However, a six-months old baby from Singapore and an eight year old from  Australia are tested positive for the new coronavirus.

About coronavirus

Coronavirus are the type of viruses which affect the respiratory tract of mammals including humans. These viruses are responsible which are responsible for 15-30% of common cold. In the past 70 years, coronaviruses are found to infect rats, horses, dogs, cats, turkeys, pigs and cattle. Symptoms vary from person to person however the common symptoms include sneezing, fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny nose and asthma. There is no cure for coronavirus infections. The treatment include over-the-counter medication and self care. Avoid smoking and drink enough water. Use clean humidifier as a self care method to prevent the threat of coronavirus.

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