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30% pay cut for MPs; MPLADS suspended

by Aditi
30% pay cut

On Monday, the Union Cabinet delivered the message to the country that the netizens should be ready to make the sacrifices in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak by cutting down the 30% from the salaries of all the members of  the Parliament including, the Prime Minister and central ministers for two years and  also decided to suspend the Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD).

The president, vide-president and the governors have also decided to contribute in this decision and forgo 30% from their salary every month for a year.  This central’s decision came after when central government employees contributed a day’s income to fight against the COVID-19 which has killed more than 100 people and more than 4000 people are infected with this.

The monthly  salary of the MPs are 1,00,000 and they also get a constituency allowance of rs 70,0000 per month and office allowance of Rs 60,000 per month. These two decisions will release 7,900 crore to fight with the disease occur due to cottaronavirus. With this decision, the government  wants to reflect the thought that the political members are not standing apart from the economic hardship caused to the common people.

In the late March, the Union finance ministry announced and allocated  Rs 1.7  crore trillion economic relief package to cope up with the coronavirus pandemic and with this message of sacrifice the government is preparing to announce the second round of financial help.

The decision of wage cut will come into an effect from 1st April for 1 year the fund of suspended MPLADS will be for the sessions 2020-21 and 2020-22. Whatever the total amount will be, it will be transferred into the Consolidated  Fund of India. Finance minister, Prakash Javedkar said, the decision was taken as a salary cut of MPs requires changes in Law. During the next Parliament session, salary, allowances and pension of Members of Parliament Act will be amended.  The suspension of MPLADS is not going well as the opposition with several congress members protesting, their concern is that this will impact the ongoing development projects in their areas and will affect people directly.

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