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4 Principles For Celebrating Dussehra And Durga Puja

by Mahima Bhatnagar
Dussehra and Durga Puja

Dussehra is celebrated reminding the victory of good over evil. It marks the Death anniversary of Ravana, it is commonly known as vijay-dashmi, which is celebrated at the end of Navratri. Dussehra is celebrated in various parts of South Asia for different observed reasons.  It is also celebrated as Durga Puja, which is the most famous and loved festival of Bengalis. Every year people across the country make idols of Goddess Durga and immerse them into various water bodies which cause water pollution and the idols of Ravana were burnt which causes air pollution. 

These idols are made up of various harmful chemicals and other harmful substances like clay, paper, and plastic..etc, which get submerged and pollute the water bodies. While burning the idols, harmful gases are produced which travel through the air and inhaled by the people that cause health hazards like breathing problems and skin infections. These festivals are celebrated to showcase a huge amount of gratitude to our gods but knowingly and unknowingly we humans destroy our own life. 

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What Points Must Follow To Have An Eco-Friendly Festival?

Use Herbal Colors

As discussed above some Indian festivals like Dussehra, Durga Puja and Deepawali bring poison in the environment but we can turn these festivals into Eco-friendly festivals that are celebrated in such a way that helps to save the environment and marine life. There are several points given below, which make an effort to have pollution-free festivals this year.


  • Ritualistic Immersion In Artificial Buckets Instead Of Idol Immersion


The idol immersion during the festivals can be extremely damaging for the fishes and other water bodies. The chemicals like sulphur, magnesium and phosphorus are used to make these idols that are harmful to our environment. Moreover, there are various who take a bath in these water bodies, these people are likely to face many health problems in the future. Artificial tanks or buckets could be used instead of large water bodies like ponds and rivers etc. You should make a ritualistic immersion in buckets or why don’t you keep using the same idol every year? This is a wonderful way to avoid pollution. 

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  • Use Organic Colours Rather Than Chemical Colours Or Paints


The idols that are immersed in the water bodies are made up of various harmful colours and paints that again cause various health problems. These rituals not only harm human life but also damage marine life. During the immersion of idols, We should use organic colours like henna and turmeric powders which do not harm our environment. These Herbal colours are dissolved completely into the water and provide us very bright, beautiful and harmless idols of goddess Durga.


  •  Candle And Diyas Are More Effective 


Burning crackers has become a ritual in these celebrations but we fail to realise that this a major noise hazard which causes a lot of health problems. Instead of using electric lights, try to use candles or diyas during festivals, which look more traditional.

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  • Idols Made Up Of Mud, Banana Leaves And Flower Petals


Idols made up of mud are easy to make as well as easily submerged into water. They will easily dissolve into the water without harming the water bodies. The idols made up of banana leaves or flower petals are more eco-friendly and traditional, and they can be easily floated with water and they might become food for some aquatic animals.

Celebration becomes happier if we take good care of our surroundings and environment. So, bring happiness to the environment with these ideas on working against pollution causes things. 

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