A small town Jibhi which you never ever think of explore

by Madhvi Bansal
A small town Jibhi

Most of the city folks want to run away and from the madding city crowd to find some seclusion in the hills of North India.  There are so many traditional hill stations in Himachal Pradesh which have been explored frequently by the travellers. However, there are some small and unexplored places in Himachal which are the true examples of nature’s beauty. One of the gems of a destination in Himachal Pradesh is Jibhi. It is a pastoral hamlet situated in the Banjar Valley or Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It’s worth visiting this place to watch the panoramic beauty around. 

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No trendy crowd-attracting activities

Like Manali and Shimla, Jibhi does not offer crowd attracting activities. However, it has a lot to give to the people who want to explore the beauty of nature. There are no souvenir shops but there is a serenity which you can capture in your heart. However, you can enjoy trout fishing (rainbow trout and brown trout) in pristine waters of Tirthan stream.

Best time to visit Jibhi

 Check out your goals before planning a trip to Jibhi. Normally, March to May is the peak time to visit Jibhi.  In these months, summer is at peak in some parts of the country so people can come to this place to seek an escape from the heat. Weather is pleasant in the daytime while the nights often gets cold in these months so it gives you a perfect weather to stay here. If you want to explore the Himalayan Monsoons then you can visit Jibhi between June and September. Winters is the best time if you want to experience morning frost and snowfall.

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A slow travel destination

Jibhi is a slow travel destination as you can sit at any place and watch the nature’s beauty around you for several hours. Air is clean and there is no traffic buzz, peace and silence all around. If you are interested in trekking, you can go to the neighbouring village Gada Gushaini, which is even more offbeat than Jibhi. The picturesque view is amazing as the neighbouring village is uphill.  You will find a waterfall as well which is at 2 hours walk from Jibhi. Jalori pass is at 13 km from Jibhi hence you can enjoy a day tour to Serolsar Lake from the Pass.

Visit to Chehni Kothi and Shringa Rishi Temple

Chehni Kothi is a watch-tower which is in Chehni Village located at 7 km away from Jibhi. It is constructed in Himalayan style architecture. It is a part of Chehni fort, the remains of the fort can be seen around. Below Chehni, in Bagi village, there is Shringa Rishi temple. Within a short trail in Jibhi, you can visit to Sheshnag temple which is about 500 years old.