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Anti CAA Play by Kids in Karnataka School Attracts Penalty

by Madhvi Bansal

A School in Bidar, Karnataka along with its management has been penalized under the complaints of breach of peace and a case of sedition as they enacted a play based on the Citizenship Amendment Act. The play came under speculation when the image of the Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi was tarnished in the play staged by the school.

The complaint was filed by an activist, Neelesh Rakshyal who alleged that the students were made to enact a play where the Muslims were forced to leave the country if the CAA- NRC be implemented in the country. The New town police registered the case under the IPC sections 124A and 504 against the management of the Shaheen School on January 26 followed by the complaint filed.

Controversial video filed by the Shaheen School:

The School is run by the Shaheen Group of Institutions, which is a prominent Muslim education group with origins in Bidar and runs schools all over the country.

Rakshyal, who filed the complaint, has admitted to have seen the video of the school play in social media, where the school students were used to enact and promote an anti-national scene, which also involved hitting the picture of the Prime Minister to depict opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act. The complaint alleged that “The play was intentionally posted on social media with the utmost intention of promoting enmity between the communities”. “The management and the director of the Shaheen School have committed an act that is thoroughly anti-national in nature by using their students” it added.

According to the Police sources, they have registered a case and are investigating as the constitutional authorities were abused in the play. 

What the School authorities have to say on this issue:

According to Touseef Sab, an official from the school, “The play was enacted by the class 4 students of the school based on the present situation in the country. In fact, people all over the country are protecting on this issue every day”. He also added that “Based on some words uttered in the drama, the sedition complaint has been filed”. Police have been questioning the children about the play over the past few days, which is harassing the children and their parents mentally, he also stated.

It has to be noted that last month, the management of Shree Rama School in Dakshina Kannada was booked on the charges of promoting enmity between people by staging a play on the demolition of the Babri Masjid.

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