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Best horror novels by Indian writers

by Madhvi Bansal
Best horror novels by Indian writers

Reading horror novels will certainly send chills down your spine, here we have compiled a list of Best Horror Novels by Indian Writers. 

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That Frequent visitor – K. Hari Kumar 

Novelist and screenwriter K. Hari Kumar becomes the first Indian author to enter Amazon’s bestseller in horror fiction. That Frequent visitor was on shelf in 2015. Hari is a popular blogger with over 130,000 followers on social media. 

The Mine  – Arnab Ray 

The Mine is the second book of Arnab Ray. Arnab Ray has gained widespread popularity from a blog named Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind for its unique take on everything from Bollywood and cricket to Donald Trump. For his second book, Arnab ventures into horror to write The Mine. Through using flashbacks, he unveils the dark secrets of a group of miners, trapped in the depths of the earth.

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Khel the Writings by Vishal Goswami

The story of the novel revolves around the abandoned Haveli in Brahmdev, a hill station near Mumbai, is known amongst the local population to be haunted. Once a group of youngsters decide to explore it. Main lead Sanya Sharma is an investigative journalist who has lost her husband and little daughter within a span of six months, her once perfect life is a distant dream. 

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Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills by Minakshi Chaudhry

Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills is one of her most notable works. It presents a collection of short stories, buried deep in the hills during the days of the Raj. In past Shimla has been the favourite place of Britisher’s as they find the environment of Shimla same as to England. They left our country but not everything left with them.

Minakshi Chaudhry is a former journalist, she has extensive experience in news reporting in the region. As a keen traveller and trekker, her published guides offer invaluable tips and advice for outdoor enthusiasts. When Minakshi writes novels, she takes inspiration from her surrounding and channels her imagination through an unnerving setting.

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