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Best Memories of Sri Devi

by Madhvi Bansal
Sri Devi

Sri Devi was one of the finest actresses who may have left the world but remains in the heart of her fans. The news of her sudden death came like a shock wave not only for the Bollywood but for the entire world. Apart from her superb acting skills, there are lots of things that made Sri Devi iconic.  Remembering everything about Sri Devi cam easily make you fall in love with her as personality. 

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Sri Devi was on screen before gaining popularity

Not many people know that Sri Devi had started her acting career at the age of 4 years. She acted in the south Indian movies where she had a well established career before moving to Bollywood. Kandan Karunai (1967) was her first film.

Queen of Expressions

 Undoubtedly, Sri Devi’s facial expressions spoke a lot than her words.  You couldn’t look anywhere else when Sri Devi is on the screen. Whether you talk about her acting in Chaalbaaz or Mr. India, her expressions were superb. From naughty, seductive, goofy, melodramatic, child-like to dramatic expressions, she aced all of them.

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Unique style that she carried 

Sri Devi has given many amazing films in her long career and in every film she was seen in a unique style that made her unforgettable. She wore many flamboyant outfits in all her movies and made her appearances a lifelong memory. Fruit hat from Hawa Hawai, blue sari from Mr. India, white outfit in Chandani and gold outfit from Nigahein are some of the best styles that she carried and made style statements for her fans. Gold bridal outfit from Khuda Gawah and transparent raincoat from Chaalbaaz was also memorabilia.

Made a successful return on the screen

 Sri Devi ruled the silver screen for more than a decade in 80s and 90s and had given so many blockbusters films.  After she married to Boney Kapoor, she was blessed with two daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi and then she took a break from the films. Later, in 2012 she made a comeback with a movie English Vinglish and won the hearts of her fans with her amazing skills. In 2017, she acted in a movie MOM which was a story based upon a relationship of a mom and daughter. She performed the role well and earned the popularity from everyone. 

Apart from these, Sri Devi shared a healthy bond with her co-stars. Many Bollywood actors have shared the memories with Sri Devi on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook after the shocking news of her death. Her death had also broken the desires of many new actors from Bollywood who had a desire to work with her.

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