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Big B is a hero in real life; defeated many deadly diseases earlier

by Shatakshi

On Saturday evening, news came which raised the concern of all the Bollywood lovers.  The Star of the century Mr. Amitabh Bachchan tested positive with COVID-19.  Currently,  Mr. Bachchan is undergoing treatment at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai.  Mr. Bachchan himself confirmed the news about being corona positive by a tweet at from his official twitter handle.

 Along with Big B, his son Abhishek Bachchan his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bacchan and her granddaughter Aardhya have also tested positive.  All of them have mild symptoms of infection.  They are also admitted to Nanavati Hospital. After hearing this sad news, the entire nation is praying for the 77-year-old Big B.  Ever since the news of Big B being corona infected, there was a flood of messages for Big B on social media. 

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 This is not the first time when Big B is battling with serious disease. Big B is a fighter in real life. Earlier, he has fought many serious diseases.  Once, narrowly escaped from the mouth of death.  The incident happened at the set of the film Coolie in 1982 when death nearly caught Mr Bachchan.  During a fight sequence of the movie, Big B was fighting with the film’s villain Puneet Issar, Puneet Issar was supposed to punch in Big B’s stomach, unfortunately, the punch felt so fast that Big B hit a steel table there.  This caused a deep injury to his stomach.  The injury was so deep that Big B’s stomach membrane and his bowels were severely torn. 

Big B was once infused with Hepatitis-B infected blood.  The virus had a severe impact on the liver of Mr. Bacchan. It was reported that his liver has been severely infected due to the virus and he has liver Cirrhosis. To get rid of this disease, BIG underwent another surgery and separated 75% of his liver.  Since then, Big B has been living with 25% liver.

Besides, he has also become a victim of Tuberculosis.  However, after getting the treatment done, Big B was free from the disease. Big B  has also the problem of Asthma.  Well, the 77-year-old Megastar defeated many serious diseases earlier also, likewise the whole country is hoping that he will return home soon after defeating the Coronavirus too.

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