Biryani Remains Love For Indians, Even During Lockdown; Report Says

by Shatakshi Gupta

Biryani is the not only a rice dish, rather it is a feeling for many of its lovers. “Biryani” this term itself is so mouth watering, not only for the ones who are non-vegetarians, but equally for vegetarians too. And the love for Biryani, even continued with its pace even during lockdown. It turned out to be the most ordered dish, even during this Coronavirus lockdown.

According to a PTI report, Indians’ love for Biryani remained unfazed even in the lockdown. Biryani was the only dish that was ordered for the maximum number of times, even when the Indians remained largely indoors, during lockdown and quarantine in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As per the ‘StatEATistics report: The Quarantine Edition’ which is based on food delivery platform Swiggy, it was reported that Biryani was ordered for more than 5.5 lakh times during this lockdown. This actually turned out to be the dish which was ordered for maximum times via the food delivery application. Thus, Biryani acquired the top spot among the overall orders in lockdown. Biryani has topped the list of most ordered dishes for the fourth year in a row as per the report. The next two places were occupied by butter naan and masala dosa with 3.35 and 3.31 lakh orders respectively.

Indians also pampered themselves with some decadent sweets as per the report. And one of the most favourite sugary comforts for Indians turned out to be the moist Choco Lava Cake during this lockdown, which was ordered for approximately 1.29 lakh times. And the classics like Gulab Jamun and Butterscotch Mousse Cake came next in the list of sweets. Cakes in general were also a hot favourite with approximately 1.2 lakh orders for the same. This was due to a number of celebrations being done from home via the virtual medium while in lockdown.

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