BJP dodging real issues affecting people says Priyanka Gandhi

by Madhvi Bansal
BJP dodging issue

The country has experienced a bitter verbal war between the two major political parties competing in Lok Sabha elections 2019. In the past few days, the PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi   had been involved in verbal war over former PM Rajiv Gandhi.

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This has created a lot of controversies and opponents got the chance to bring out the loopholes during the tenure of each other when they were in power. In the midst of this, the general secretary of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi has said that instead of highlighting the real issues which people of India are facing, some people are actually dodging them. Raising the futile issues just diverse the attention of people but it will not eliminate their problems which they are facing.

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The issues related unemployment, farmer’s crisis, income etc  remain as they are so the people who are ranking up futile issues should check themselves and work on the areas which are actually worth.  Priyanka also added that vitiated politics is not related to Congress as it had and will always continue to work for the betterment of the society and the people. Infact, nobody from congress has ever spoken negative that affects the political campaign.

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About stepping into the politics right before the elections

In an interview when priyanka is asked about her entry into the politics right before the Lok sabha elections 2019 then she said that  it was her mistake when she had previously refused to take the responsibilities of the congress part as the general secretary. However, she has learnt from her mistake and now decided to enter into politics right when the Country’s democracy is under attack.

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According to her, she has not only taken the responsibility of UP but she has visited many other places where election campaigns are going on. She added, “If the party wants, I will definitely go. So far, I have limited myself to UP, because the work here is so much, and the responsibilities so much more”. After the elections, she will be focussed on joining of more and more youth to the organization- Congress.