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UK PM Boris Johnson Admitted to Intensive Care for Coronavirus Treatment

by Aditi

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, found corona positive, has worsened on Monday evening, after which he has been shifted from isolation ward to the intensive care unit. Johnson was taken to the hospital for routine tests on Monday evening. After then his health was not good and it was getting worse so he shifted to ICU. Boris Johnson was confirmed with a corona infection about 10 days ago.

He was then quarantined in Downing Street. The British PM was doing his work from there and was monitoring the situation of lockdown implemented in the country. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will now oversee the functioning of Britain in place of PM Johnson.

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The British PM was admitted to St Thomas Hospital in London after his condition deteriorated, he was sent to the Intensive Care Unit on Monday evening. A Downing Street spokesman said, “Prime Minister Johnson’s condition has deteriorated on Monday afternoon. He has been taken to the ICU of the hospital on the advice of his medical team.” PM Boris Johnson was fine on Monday morning. But his condition deteriorated later in the afternoon and he had to be taken to the ICU at six in the evening.

Earlier, Johnson wrote on Twitter, “On doctor’s advice, I went to the hospital on Sunday night for some routine checkup because I still have symptoms of the corona. I am in touch with my medical team. Together we will fight the corona virus and Will keep everyone safe. ” He tweeted another, “I want to thank all the staff of the NHS who take care of me and others during this difficult time. All stay safe and stay home to save the NHS and life.”

Boris Johnson was looking after all the responsibilities of the Prime Minister before he was admitted to the hospital. Later, he has appointed Foreign Minister Domnik Robb for this. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symond is also experiencing symptoms such as a corona infection. However, Symond has said that her corona test has not been done and she is resting for a week. Symond is living separately from PM Johnson after being found infected with the Corona virus last week.

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