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Celebrities slam Vivek for tweeting on Aishwarya’s personal life

by Madhvi Bansal
Vivek oberio

Recently, Vivek Oberoi shared a tweet on his social media profile taking a dig at Aishwarya Rai’s personal life. It revolved around exit polls of the much talked about elections. Vivek invited slack from social media and other celebrities for his misogynistic tweet. Fans condemned his act and stated that nobody had a right to comment on the personal life of a female like this.

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Celebrities react to the tweet

Many celebrities promptly took to twitter and thrashed Vivek for posting such a feed. It is reported that Anupam Kher said,  “It’s very shameful. It’s as simple as that. He shouldn’t have done that. It’s absolutely not cool.”

Eisha Gupta also slammed Vivek and said, “It just shows your mentality, specially if you’re getting a minor involved. It’s not in good taste at all. It just shows how he is. It doesn’t reflect on what others are. It was shameful.”

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Smile Foundation, an NGO, also shared it’s displeasure and stated that it disassociates itself with the actor for the fundraising event on Odisha Fani Cyclone relief . It said that it strongly supported women empowerment and the actor’s statement is not at all in sync with their belief system.

Vivek’s response

Initially, Oberoi had said that the media is unnecessarily politicizing the issue and he never had an ill will. After the controversy started, he said, “Someone sent me a creative meme where I was being made fun of. I just wrote, ‘Ha ha,’ and appreciated the other person. When someone makes fun of you, you should laugh and not take it so seriously. I even wrote there that there’s nothing political about it. It’s life and such things happen in life that you are with someone and then you move on in life.”

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 After getting slammed by the film fraternity, Vivek offered an official apology stating that he had been involved in empowering 2000 underprivileged girls in the last decade and that he could never think of being disrespectful to a female.

Vivek is presently busy promoting a biopic on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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