Coronavirus death toll crossed the mark of 5 lakh worldwide

by Shatakshi Gupta

As per the data of John Hopkins University, more than half a million of people have now died of the COVID-19, this is a tragic milestone as cases continue to rise throughout the world and health experts are warning that the pandemic is far from over.

Coronavirus infections have crossed the mark of 10 million worldwide.

Infection rates in the United States are among the most worrisome in the world. Infection is rising in more than half of the states, which prompted some state governors to rein in reopening plans and to issue directives of wearing masks outside, as warnings of a stronger wave of infections are coming.


 But on a good note, the global recovery rate is increasing and for now  around 51 lakh people have recovered completely from this disease.

Among all countries the U.S. has been the worst-hit country, the country recorded more than 2.5 million Coronavirus positive cases. 

The United States is followed by Brazil where more than 1.3 million people have been infected by the virus.

The third country in the tally is Russia, the country has recorded around 0.64 million cases, however, the death rate in Russia is quite low.

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India is at the fourth spot in the list, the country has registered more than half a million cases. On Saturday, India registered more than 19 thousand Coronavirus cases, this was the highest single-day surge in India.

The United Kingdom is at the fifth place on this tally, the country has recorded 3.12 lakh coronavirus cases and the numbers are still rising.

If we talk about number of deaths, the United States remained the worst affected country with 1,25,630 deaths due to COVID-19. The U.S. is followed by Brazil, where 57,070 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus. In terms of cases, the UK is at 5th place but if we look at the deaths the UK has been the third worst-hit place that has registered 43,324 deaths. In Italy, the number of fatalities is 34,738.

In France 29,781 have succumbed to COVID-19. The deaths in Spain, Mexico and India (16,095) are 28343, 26381, 16095 respectively.