Corona Virus Death Case Found In Karnataka

by Madhvi Bansal
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A 76-year-old man died on his way from Hyderabad to his hometown Kalaburagi on Tuesday and when his test attempt it comes positive for COVID-19 virus. It came to know that the man has returned from Saudi Arabia after spend one month time over there and fall ill having asthma and hypertension. Then their family members took him to the hospital, the doctors give this information to the Telangana government in order to protect other people’s.

On February 29, he landed and then went to his native’s place Kalaburagi in north Karnataka and then on the 6th of March he saw the symptoms of fever and cough and attended by a doctor at his home. Doctors said that the symptoms got developed on 9th of March when he moved to a private hospital in Kalaburagi and suspected as the COVID-19 case. On the same day, his sample collected and sent to the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. The man got discharged against medical advice and after he went to a private hospital in Hyderabad. The District Health Officer meet the attendees as per the instructions of Deputy Commissioner, Kalaburagi District in order to convince them to admit the patient to GMS, Kalaburagi, in the private ward but the attendees refused and they take him to Hyderabad. The patient admitted in a private hospital in Hyderabad and got treatment. Then he discharged from there. While he does when he went back to his house, GMS, Kalaburagi on the 10th of March.

The reports said that on the day the man died the Karnataka Health Minister B Sreeramulu and department officials maintained the test reports and found that the cause has not been confirmed. Before one day of his death, District Health Officer in Kalaburagi sent a letter to local health officials to directed all measures of that 76-year-old man who is the case of COVID-19 virus. Then, on Thursday Andhra Pradesh confirmed its first case of a person who returned from Italy on 6th of March tested positive at Nellore Government Hospital. Then he admits to the hospital and now his all vitals are normal and being recovered. He will be discharged after 14 days. And the Health Minister issued a notice mentioned that all the persons he was in contact with have been traced and are in quarantine as per protocol.

This is the first case in India that ends with death due to the COVID-19 virus. It came to know that Saudi Arabia does not have a local transmission or that the infection could have occurred in transit. There are more positive cases of COVID-19 also coming from Karnataka that includes a senior executive at a software firm who has travel history from America and Dubai, his wife and daughter and one other unrelated person who is a software engineer with a travel history from USA to London and then to Bengaluru.

There is no need to panic as in the case of 76-year-old man there is still the cause of his death is not confirmed yet. As the doctors and local health officials are waiting for reports before confirming something.

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