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Separated due to Coronavirus? Here are some tips to keep your romance alive

by Shatakshi

Ever since the lockdown has been implemented in the country, which has stopped where it is.  In such a situation, one of the most difficult situations is faced by Couples and Lovers.  People who used to meet every day are forced to live apart from each other today.  If someone’s wife is at her maternal home, then someone is trapped in another city in connection with work.  In such a situation, lovers have been forced to follow a distance relationship with each other. Talking together daily, seeing the face of your love, the happiness and comfort you get, you cannot get it by staying away.  There are some people who are unable to tolerate this distance.  There is increasing tension, anxiety, despair, sadness among them.  These days one or two such reports are also being heard that people are committing suicide due to disconnection.  It is not wise to end your life due to some days of trouble.  It is better that you try to handle the distance relationship due to the lockdown wisely.

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You may follow some tips so that the love between you will remain at this difficult time. 

Make Video Calls

 If your partner or spouse is away from you, talk to him on a video call every day, especially at night.  Night-time is better because during the day you are busy with the office and doing household chores.  You can see your love through video.  Video calls will go a long way in reducing the distance between the two of you.

Write letters

You can also speak your mind through a letter.  Now the postman will not come in lockdown with your letter, so you send your love letter through e-mail.  When your partner reads your letter, again and again, they too will be filled with love.  They will also feel mentally lightheaded.  If you want, you can also tell your mind by writing a letter on paper.  When both of you are together, you can express your feelings by reading it.

 Make Handmade gifts

 If you are together, but because of fear of the coronavirus, the love inside one of you is lost, then make a nice gift for your loved one with your own hands. Your partner will feel special by such gifts.

 Playing online games together

Of course, you are far from one another, but you can also stay together by playing online games together while staying away. It will refresh your mood.  You both decide a time when you have to play online games together.  This will make you feel like you are playing the game together.  The feeling of getting away will be reduced.

 Talk on Phone

You call your partner every day.  After completing office and household chores, you will feel close to them by talking in relaxed seclusion.  Of course, the relationship cannot be felt closely by talking on the phone, but you will definitely feel relaxed by listening to their voice.  In this stressful environment, couples can make their relationship romantic by talking on the phone every day.  You can ask each other on the phone.  This will make your partner realize that how much you care about him.

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