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Coronavirus Outbreak: How we will know when it’s time to open the world?

by Aditi

Everyone wants to know when we will be able to go out and reopen the country. And the best we can ask is “How will we know when to reopen the world?”

If anyone will say any particular then then it will be just  a guess because nobody  really  knows about it.

In USA, Americans have been reacting too late. Many places people are engaging themselves in maintaining social distancing because the everybody knows what is happening all around the world, but the Americans have not much testing available to know where the hot spots of the coronavirus are.

Since the virus came everywhere, every country shut down and the people are living inside, and that is the only way to cope up with this COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospitals must treat all the patients safely and without any crisis in the required instruments.

Every hospital in the world is in fear that they will face crisis. The hospitals are trying to increase the number of beds and ventilators, doctors, nurses and other supporting health care providers to make sure that will meet the requirement when it is needed.

To control this pandemic to spread more, more testing is to be done. Everyone who has a little symptom should go through the testing and check whether they are safe or not. We can’t say that we can test everyone single person around the world but at least we can do where the more number of patients have been found.

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The country should contact every person who is in contact with the affected person, then we can only break the thread of the spread . countries are developing Apps to trace the people and determine whom people have been near, like India developed Aarogya Setu App. This App helps in finding whether the person is in safe zone or not, how many  confirmed case in his locality, consult with the doctor and many other things.

Any person who has been affected, it take almost 14 days to emerge the symptoms and if we can control the movement of people then we can see the decline in number of cases and then the people will move freely and the government will be reasonably comfortable that suppression has been achieved. It is not possible to decide a goal and achieve it, the number of cases is depends on the population of the area and the ability of the  health department to handle the cases.

Until we are not getting the vaccine or any effective drug treatment to fight with this virus, we can focus on these major criteria and putting efforts towards them, can only help us to determine the progress and how we can achieve each goal.

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