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First Suspected Case of COVID-19 Found in North Korea; Kim Jong Declared an Emergency

by Shatakshi

The first suspected case of infection in North Korea came about 7 months after the corona pandemic began.  Taking this seriously, Dictator Kim Jong Un ordered the city of Keesong, adjacent to South Keriah, to be locked.  According to government media, the infected suspect is a fugitive.  He fled North Korea three years ago and on July 19, he crossed the border illegally and reached the country.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un called an emergency meeting of the Politburo on Saturday as soon as the matter was known.  It was decided to issue top class alerts along with emergency in Keysong.  Those people are now being identified, who have come in contact with this suspect.  All these will be quarantined.

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 The country’s first official case will be confirmed

 If the case is confirmed, it will be North Korea’s first official case.  North Korea became cautious in January this year after an outbreak spread to neighbouring China.  Kim Jong had sealed all the borders.  Thousands of people had gone into isolation.  A quarantine of one month was also made necessary for all officers working in the capital Pyongyang.  However, in the meantime, unconfirmed reports of infection reaching several times were also revealed.

North Korea is one of the few countries in the world that took the first steps to avoid the epidemic.  The country’s economy runs on business from China.  Despite this, it stopped trade from China altogether due to the danger.  Because of this its earnings were reduced earlier.  Health facilities here are not better than other countries.  Now if the pandemic spreads, it will have a bad effect on North Korea.

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