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COVID-19: 11 Indians in US Dead; 16 More Test Positive

by Aditi

In the United States, there are almost 4,35,160 people have infected with this highly contagious Coronavirus and 14,797 people have died. Among them, there are almost 11 Indians who have died and with another 16 people testing positive with the COVID-19.

All Indians who have been killed with this COVID-19 in the US are mostly men, ten of them from New York and New Jersey location. And four of them were taxi drivers in New York City.

New York has become the hotspot zone for COVID-19 in the US with the death count of nearly 6,000 and nearly 1,38,000 positive cases. The death count in New Jersey is 1500 and 48,000 infected persons.

In Florida, one more person died due to coronavirus and the government is also discovering some other Indian people in the States of California and Texas.

All 16 Indians who have tested positive for coronavirus, including 4 females, are in self-Quarantine. They all are from diverse background, eight of them are from New York, three lives in New Jersey and rest others are from California and Texas. They belong from states of India like Uttrakhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

All the ministries across the United States and Indian Embassy are working along with local authorities and Indian-American organizations to avail necessary items and help to Indian people and Students who are living in US and are infected with COVID-19.

The officials said, “Because of the strict travel restrictions and regulations to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, local city officials have been performing the last rites of the deceased and in many cases are not allowing even their immediate family members to attend their cremations.”

All are doing every possible way to cope up with this deadly coronavirus epidemic and to save the world. Soon we will get rid of this and again there will be a happy place to live in.

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