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Who are the Crusaders at Shaheen Bagh protests? What Twitter says about it?

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Shaheen Bagh protest is one of the most trending news in India. You can call it the indirect extension of the protest against NRC and CAA. This protest has a direct connection with the anti-NRC campaign. Through the broadcasting of media and famous news channels, Shaheen Bagh protest has become a national issue. This is the most-discussed ongoing protest in current times. It all started with 14-15 women, who sat on the street Shaheen Bagh on 11th December 2019. Basically, this is women-lead peaceful, 24×7 sit-in protest against the NRC, CAA. This protest is also raised against the police intervention against the students of Jamia Milia Islamia University. The protest started with a small number of women, but within a short span of time, it managed to gather the support of local people and a large number of women. Mainly Muslim women are leading this non-violent movement. On 22nd January 2020, the protest stepped into its 39th day and became the longest ongoing protest against CAA-NRC-NPR.

The protestants started blocking a highway in Shaheen Bagh since December 15, 2019. The activities of the protest include slogans, anti-CAA poster showcases, etc. The expanded reasons for this protest include the recent political affairs and incidents like the attack on the JNU protestants, solidarity with Kashmiri pandits. The Delhi police force is being unable to take any action against the protest due to the absence of any proper individual leader in the protest. The daily transportation system of Delhi is being affected due to the blocked road and a delay of 1-2 hours is happening on way on a regular basis. The Delhi BJP chief has requested the protesters to stop the interruption of the regular traffic system but nothing affected the flow of the protest.

The crucial part of the protest is that it includes the little child also. Some of the women included their children with them in the protest. This kind of activity is happening for the first time. There are many children who came to the protest spot with their mothers. The NCPCR has already recommended proper counseling for the child who came to the protest with their mother.

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The government and the individual political leaders and specially Delhi police have attempted to stop the blockade. They have attempted in several ways to convince the protestants to end the blockade. Even the local public is not pleased with the blockade and the traffic jam on a regular basis. Already local public has submitted three petitions to stop the traffic jam and blockade related problems. The High Court has denied the first two pleas and the third one is still under consideration. Delhi police have announced that they will not take any kind of violent action against the protesters.

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The flow of this movement is enforcing many other protests across the whole country. The indomitable spirit of the protesters is genuinely admirable. They have taken a strong stand against the present government and their decision to activate the CAA-NRC-NPR. Now, they have managed to gather the support of more than a lakh people in their way.

Twitter is highly active in this protest and protest-related affairs. There are thousands of criticism, number of tweets and videos on twitter about this incident. Shaheen Bagh is the trending topic on Twitter. People are sharing their views and stand on this incident while some are adding live videos of the protests. Many news channels and eminent media organizations are tweeting with reference to the protests. Some of these tweets got viral. Still, any celebrity or public figure has not tweeted about this protest. Much live information and news are available on Twitter. Being a national issue this affair has managed to grab the high attention and publicity on Twitter.


This is the most important and sensitive national political affair among all the latest affairs which happened in current times. This anti-CAA-NRC-NPR movement is entirely against the present government. Public disobedience, blockades, and non-violent protest are the methods of this movement. Nothing has been effective to interrupt the flow of the movement and it’s continuing the journey on the way of being the longest anti-government movements in current times.

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