Diet Of 7 Best Vegan Athlete To Inspire And Motivate You

by Madhvi Bansal
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Food is a personal choice for everyone becoming a Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian should be one’s own choice but we are forced to believe that we need eggs/ chicken, meat, etc. to get protein. We have been conditioned that only Non-veg will provide protein and nutrition to us. Every Non- Vegetarian has thought about quitting Non-veg at least once in their life because they also want to experience the life of being Vegetarian but this thought that only Non-veg keeps you fit, strong and healthy could not allow them to do so. Non-Vegetarians have been taught that consuming eggs, meat, chicken, fish, etc. will improve their cholesterol and heart rate. Now it’s time to get this Myth over that only Non-Vegetarians are taking a healthy and nutritious diet it’s time to prove that Vegetarians are also equally healthy and fit. People who are eating leafy, green vegetables are also strong and healthy. Not only Non-veg but also veg provides proteins, nutrition, and vitamins. Vegetarians are also living a great healthy, wealthy successful life. Vegans are also gaining name, fame, health and wealth in life as Non-vegans. It’s nothing just a Myth that only eggs, fish, chicken, meat provides protein and nutrition to human body all plant-based foods like fruits and vegetable also provides vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber, etc. There are many Renowned Athletes who need to be fit, fine, strong and healthy in their work and they are Vegetarians. They chose Veg instead of Non-veg. These Athletes have proved that proteins, nutrition and vitamins and fibers are more important for a human body and they are getting these minerals through leafy green vegetables. They are sharing their Diet to inspire and motive you for being Vegetarian. 

Here are the 7 best Vegan Athletes           

Sathish Warren- International Table Tennis Player


Sathish Warren is a talented international table tennis player. Being a tennis player Sathish has to be fit and active during his matches. Most of the time goes to the Gym for workouts and exercises. After working out for so many hours he needs a good diet to stay fit and healthy for which he follows a good healthy vegan diet. He takes idlis, green smoothies, sandwiches, vegetables, channa and other pulses with a good portion of white rice in his diet to be fit. He is a pure Vegetarian. He also works as a fitness trainer at LIC as part-time and always advises his clients to take a Vegan diet. He is also actively involved in rescuing animals along with a group of his friends. He is a pure supporter of the Vegan Diet.    

Nikita Solanki- Triathlete


Nikita Solanki is a Triathlete. She is a brilliant Cycler, Runner, and a great Swimmer. She was very fond of Non-veg but a few years ago she decided to be a Vegetarian. Being a Non-vegetarian she was feeling some huddles in her career and realized that Non-veg was suiting her and then she decided to be Vegan and she started a Vegan diet in her food chart.  She strictly follows a raw Vegan diet like brown rice, beans, pulses, etc. She regularly takes fruits and salads. Fruits are her favorite. She keeps herself away from Oil, sugar and refined foods.  

Steph Davis- Athlete


Steph Davis is known as a wonder woman Athlete. She was the first woman to summit the icy peak of Torre Egger, Argentina. She is the only woman to climb 5.11-grade mountain, free-solo. She is very fit and strong. She gives all credit to her Vegan diet. She says “Eating a vegan diet gives her optimum physical and mental awareness.” Her vegan diet keeps her strong and healthy. She is very particular about her diet. She is very fond of Quinoa. Quinoa is very high in protein. She takes soymilk, cinnamon, sliced apples or raisins in her breakfast, quinoa salad by chopped vegetables and garbanzos or black beans for lunch and fried vegetables or with beans or chili for dinner. Her diet is full of proteins.    

Fiona Oakes- Marathon Runner


Fiona Oakes is an elite Marathon Runner. She has completed more than 40 marathons. She is a pure vegetarian. She adopted a dairy-free and plant-based diet at the young age of 6. She is a true animal saver and lover. She runs her own animal sanctuary. She describes veganism as a true passion in her life. She says “Veganism is everything to her, It touches every part of her life.” Her vegan diet contains plenty of pasta, rice, seasonal vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts, and fruits.    

Sushil Kumar- Indian freestyle wrestler


Sushil Kumar is an Indian freestyle wrestler. His strong body is enough to define his strength. Wrestling requires impeccable strength and being a vegan Sushil has that power. He is a pure vegetarian. He even does not consume eggs. His breakfast is very light followed with a bowl of milk with cornflakes, buttered bread, and almonds in lunch and seasonal vegetables and a bowl of yogurt in dinner. His vegan diet is full of vitamins and proteins.     

Serena Williams- Tennis Player


Serena Williams is one of the best Tennis players in the world. She keeps herself very strong and healthy for which she prefers a vegan diet. She is vegetarian. She eats very simple and light food like oats, fruit and almond butter for her breakfast followed by salad, thrown with chia seeds for lunch and a simple meal of brown rice and a choice of vegetable for dinner. She was not Vegan by her birth but she cleaned up her diet from Non-vegan to vegan after her sister Venus Williams was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. Her sister is also a famous tennis ace player.    

Mac Danzig- Fighter


Mac Danzig is a great renowned Fighter. He is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitor who has competed at the highest level. He is also known as a quality boxer. Being a fighter/ boxer he is very particular and strict about his diet. His diet contains Brown rice, Portobello mushrooms, Tempeh, Quinoa, Black beans, Organic food. His routine is followed by a simple and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.