Have A Look On DRDO’s ‘Him-Taapak’ And Other Products ; Will Help Soldiers In Sub-Zero Temperatures

by Shatakshi Gupta

Amid tensions with China, the troops stationed in high-altitude areas like Siachen and Ladakh will no longer have to worry. The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has designed an ice-cold heating device for the Indian soldiers. This is a device through which the army’s bunker will remain warm even at -40 ° C temperature. The army has also placed an order of 420 crores for this device to DRDO. It will soon be deployed at ITBP and Army posts in snow covered areas.

 Will also protect soldiers from carbon monoxide

 This heating device will also protect the soldiers from the toxic  carbon monoxide gas released during the back blast. Often, soldiers die due to this poisonous gas. The Him-Tapak will absorb this gas.

 Highlights of Him-Tapak Space heating device

  • The device can run on solar energy, electricity and kerosene.
  • This Keeps bunkers and tents of 20 square meters area warm.
  •  The charger controller controls the voltage and spin the fan, which circulates hot air in bunkers and tents.
  • The device emits blue light, which will not allow the oxygen level to decrease.
  • The soldiers present in the bunker will also have no trouble in breathing.
  • There will be no danger of fire.

 DRDO developed a healing cream also                                             

 DRDO has also prepared ‘Alocal Cream’. This will help in healing the injuries caused due to frost bite and cold. The Indian Army has ordered 3.5 lakh creams. Scientist Dr. Rajiv said that this cream will be sent to the soldiers posted on Eastern Ladakh and Siachen border.

Solar Snow-melter for potable water

DRDO scientist Satish Chauhan told that he has designed a snow melter. Through this, drinking water will be available for the soldiers posted on the Ladakh and Siachen border. It can melt the ice every hour and provide 5 to 7 liters of potable water.

Source: ANI News

Flexible water Bottle

DRDO also has developed a flexible water bottle which has integrated detachable water filter into it. This can withstand temperature from minus 50 to 100-degree. The water in it will not freeze. Soldier can remove the filter and use the bottle simply.