DRDO Tests Scramjet Technology, Know What Is Scramjet Technology And How It Will Help?

by Shatakshi Gupta

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has made a major achievement in the direction of self-reliant India.  DRDO tested the Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle(HSTDV) using the Scramjet Propulsion System.  The special thing is that the Scramjet Propulsion System has been developed indigenously.

 DRDO has termed this mission as historic.  The organization tweeted that with this mission, it has been proved that DRDO can perform well in the field of highly complex technology.  He said, “This is going to open the way for manufacturing of next-generation hypersonic vehicles along with the industrial world”.  The DRDO conducted this test with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Launch Complex, located on Wheeler Island, Odisha.

What is the Scramjet Engine System?

 It is an engine through which a civil aviation aircraft, Fighter jets, satellite carrying Rockets, Missile can be travel 6-9 times faster than sound.  According to defence scientists, this engine will take oxygen from the atmosphere and make its own fuel in the atmosphere, use it and will also be able to reach the target and return. 

For this, the Scramjet engine will already have hydrogen.  In this way, not only will there be a huge help in dropping any satellite, but the expenditure will also be greatly reduced. Several satellites can be sent into space on a single Scramjet engine propulsion system.  Apart from this, it can be used in Missiles take down the enemy to the hideout.

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 For India, this is a huge success and a matter of pride. US and Russia already have this technology and they are using it. They are researching the next phase of this.  China has also developed it.  While countries like Japan and Germany are also in the line of development.  Last year, DRDO conducted a test on 19 August on the scramjet technology.  A year later, DRDO has successfully tested this technology.  But now with the development of engine technology, it may take time for the outcome of further projects.

How it can revolutionize commercial flights?

Currently, it takes about 15-16 hours by plane from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to reach Chicago International Airport in the US.  It takes more than 10 hours to travel to London.  Defence scientists say that this distance can be completed in just three and a half hours (London) and four and a half hours (Washington) after future scramjet engine propulsion system based civil aviation aircraft are developed.