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Easy ways to save money while travelling solo

by Madhvi Bansal
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A lot of travellers are there who love to go on expedition all alone for the sake of exploring new things and enjoying themselves without the worry of friends and family.  A number of upsides are related with solo travelling. Not only you are able to travel at your own pace but you are also able to save huge amount of money than travelling in group or with your family.  If you also want to explore new places but your budget is restricting you then look for the following easy and simple ways to save money on solo travelling:

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  • Choose the budget friendly accommodation: When you are travelling, accommodation expenses are the highest.  These days, variety of accommodation options are available so you can choose the cheapest one where you can accommodate comfortably. Instead of spending in hotel rooms, you can search for hostel, dormitory, shared flats or couch surfing to save big on accommodation during your trip.
  • Transportation: It is another biggest expense during your trip. When you are travelling alone, you can either book a small car rental or you can go for shared transportation which helps in saving money. Small car rentals are cheaper and economical than the bigger cars which you may need to hire while travelling in group.

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  •  Control your expenses: When you are travelling in a group, you can be easily influenced with shopping done by someone else. However, when you are travelling alone, you have the restriction to use money at the right place and also you will not be able to carry lots of purchases. Hence, you will spend less on shopping. You should wisely spend the money and buy only those things which you need.
  • Use the coupons and other offers: These days, discount coupons and offers are provided by online travel agencies, ticketing companies, hotels and restaurants. When you are travelling alone, don’t miss to use the discount coupons on different types of bookings. 
  • Enjoy the local street food: Street foods of different places have their own speciality. Street food is not only tasty but cheaper also as compared to eating in a fine dining restaurant. This helps in saving big on your solo trip.

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