How Many Seats Does BJP have in Delhi?

by Aditi

How many seats does BJP have in Delhi?

For the past few days, Delhi has been the center stage for protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. There have been various violence and non-violence incidents that happened as a part of the protest against CAA. Despite the chaos all around, the preparations for general elections are in full fervors. All the three major political parties including the ruling Aam Admi Party are all set to take over the electoral seats in Delhi. The general elections in Delhi will take place on February 8, 2020, on all the 70 seats of Delhi constituency.

BJP to contest on all the seats

The central ruling party BJP has released the list of its candidates contesting in the assembly elections in Delhi.  From the list, it is clear that BJP will contest from all the seats in Delhi. However, the projections say that BJP will sweep around 10-14 seats and will win the vote share of around 34%. On the other hand, AAP is expected to confirm victory on about 54-60 seats in the elections in this election which is comparatively lower than 67 seats which were swept by AAP in 2015 elections.

No big names for Delhi elections

It is of great surprise that this time, BJP has no well-known face to contest in the assembly elections in Delhi. On the other hand from Aam Admi Party, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and deputy CM Manish Sisodiya are contesting from New Delhi and Patparganj seats respectively. They are alone well-known faces in the Delhi constituency. This can give a benefit to AAP and help it to win the elections.

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Allies are miffed with BJP

Some of the allies of BJP are miffed with the party for not giving them more seats to contest in the Delhi elections particularly Janta Dal-United (JDU) and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP). They have had to settle for much less number of seats than what they have demanded during the discussion with BJP politicians. JDU has got two tickets only and on one ticket out of the two, BJP’s candidate will contest on the former’s symbol. LJP has demanded 15 seats but it has got just one ticket to contest in Delhi.

Survey reports on the performance of AAP

 Though Congress is a grand old party in Delhi but in 2015 AAP had swept it away on the majority of the seats in Delhi. So, this year also it is projected that between 0 and 2 seats can be bagged by the Congress party. According the survey reports, more than 50 percent of Delhiites believe that the protest at Shaheen Bagh is unjustified. They also know that this protest will not translate votes for BJP. In the context of employment, more than 47% of the Delhi people said that they trust AAP while about 37% of the people said to have trust in BJP for creating employment opportunities in Delhi. Though slowly but the kind of work done by the AAP in Delhi is being appreciated by Delhi people which benefit the party in the upcoming elections.