“EMOTIONAL FLOODING” – A Relationship Killer

by Madhvi Bansal
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It is a psychological reaction when something in our head takes a larger place and it converts into anxiety and it becomes hard to communicate with your partner. It may differ from person to person. Flood in emotional flooding stands for flooded the stress hormones to the nervous system. In this, a person becomes stressful, anxious, and more ballistic. When it happens, one quickly becomes more emotionally reactive. It took an unbearable moment when both the partners were emotionally flooded. In this stressful reaction, our body becomes more aggressive and needs support and when one not finding that much of support he/she becomes more in anger gets upset.

According to a survey, it is founded that men can become more emotionally flooded in comparison to women. It is hard to get over for men from this flooding. It takes less stress and negativity in order to flood them and less love, whelming to recover this. But if they don’t get that much of love they stay flooded longer. They were not as good as women in order to calm themselves. These results took a strong impact on their social, personal and professional relations. This is a biological difference between men and women. Here are some points which are related to emotional flooding:

  • We are not a good listener anymore.
  • We overthink about the situations
  • We can’t be able to communicate properly or we stop communicate with our partner.
  • Heartbeat rate will be faster.
  • Sweaty palms elevated blood pressure resulting in emotional flooding.
  • Your ability to think and taking decisions become reduced.

Let’s discuss what are the things that cause emotional flooding. We become flooded when something threatening us. This might be anything out in the world. Every person has their own weaknesses and strengths. So this threatening varies from person to person. For some people so much joy is threatening, for some rejection is threatening, some people take it as threatening when they feel like their partners start making the distance from them. Threatening vary from person to person, so it’s cure also vary. Every person needs a different kind of love, taking care in different ways.


We can overcome emotional flooding by taking some steps. The most important thing is we need to stay calm in this situation. It’s quite hard but we have to try our level best. There are some important steps we need to keep in mind so that we can overcome from this situation as soon as possible:

  1. You have to stop the conversation at that moment:

If you are feeling that you’re flooded you have to stop the conversation at that moment. And took some time and makes a distance from your partner at that moment only. And even when your heart the best rate will go to a higher level. Then it’s the time you have to stop the conversation right away. Leave the conversation and make it another time.

  • Learn the scientific or physiological signs:

These signs are when your heartbeat rate is faster than normal, you have sweaty palms and impact your blood pressure. This is the time you give time to yourself and think and saves you and your partner to make this situation worse.

  • Keep calm:

Calming is the best therapy to overcome this. Keep calm by yourself and stop overthinking for that moment. Every person has their own ways to keep calm. So focussing on the things about keep calm and helps your partner too.

  • Stay away from unnecessary thoughts while self-calming:

Kindly stay away from unhelpful thoughts as it results to increase your emotional flooding level. Stop blaming your partner, and keep focussing on your words while saying. Because we don’t know what we are saying and how much it hurts to our partner and sometimes words play an important role regarding the same. So stay focus on your words. You can make your partner feel better by saying the good things or most probably what they want to hear at that point.

  • Start the conversation again after the break:

Communication is the best key for everything that is running your relationship. After a 20-30 minutes peaceful break. Note get back to your partner and start the conversation again so that you both know where you are lacking and what is the root of this flooding. In between conversation, stay calm and hydrated so that you can understand the situation better and don’t let your relationship down.

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There are the things we have to focus on while we have emotional flooding in our relationship. The one thing I am very sure is that if your partner is flooded then making them feel safe is the best thing they need and one can do. By this, for the person, it is easy to fight with the situation. When a person starts observing that someone is beside them in every situation. This makes their internal powers more strong in order to fight and they start feeling good. You may go to the therapist as well. A skillful therapist will acknowledge the things and able to help you in a better way. They not only trigger the flooding but also finds the solution to get rid of it.

There are conflicts in every relationship. But the thing is that conflicts will not be able to break your relationship. How are you handling those conflicts does? So keep focussing on that and handle them in a better way like how your partner wants you and how he/she will remain happy. You have to brush your failures and start focussing on your partner’s thing. Interact with them in a mindful and healthy way and start making them feels special. Making relationships are very easy but be with it life is a hard task. Don’t let emotional flooding ruin your relationship. Keep connected with your partner in that difficult time. Don’t leave them alone like a loser. Keep in mind that you’re the maker and you can handle this situation calmly and very soon get rid of it. If both stay calm and provides the necessary affection, love, and care then nothing in this world ruins your relationship.

Stay Calm.