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Getting 8 Hours of Sleep is Probably the Coolest Thing to do!

by Shatakshi

What is sleep! Why it is always necessary for us to take sleep every day? How many hours of sleep should we appropriately take! These are some questions that may bother us every time. So here we are today going to understand in greater detail that why do we actually need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. And why it is one of the coolest things that you can really do. So let see why is it so actually.

Someone has rightly said, “healthy mind resides in a healthy body” and our health depends on the amount of sleep we take.

As we all are engaged doing some kind of activities throughout the day, which makes our mind and body tired and we end up feeling exhausted. This is where our body needs help, which can only be done with an ample amount of sleep. So, when lie down our body feels relaxed and reduces fatigue.

Good sleep helps in regaining our mental as well as physical power. Now a day, children face a lot of problems related to concentration because throughout the day they are busy using their electronic gadgets which ends up wasting their time and energy. So, at least 8-hour sleep is necessary as it helps in Improving their problem-solving skills and their concentration power. We learn so many new things throughout the day and to keep all of them in our mind is quite difficult. After a sound sleep, a person feels happy, energetic and fresh. The time duration for proper sleep according to a human’s age; adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night, one-year-olds need roughly 11 to 14 hours, school-age children between 9 and 11, and teenagers between 8 and 10

Like a person needs food to fill up their stomach the same work is done by sleep. Which provides relaxation to our mind. Everybody should at least take a short power nap if he/she is not able to organize a long sleeping hour.

So no matter whether it be a child or an adult, they all need to take an appropriate amount of sleep in order to keep themselves energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day . Also keep yourself healthy and fit with good sleep is always a better option instead of wasting your health and wasting yourself.

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