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Hemant Soren to Return for Second Time as Jharkhand CM

by Madhvi Bansal

With the support of allies’, the Congress and RJD, Hemant Soren of JMM have got he is thrown back for the second time in Jharkhand state. Hemant Soren, son of Shibu Soren has been elected as the chief minister for the second time in the state of Jharkhand. During his first time, he could able to hold the position only for 14 months since July 15, 2013. Now on holding hands with the Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Hemant could able to stop the progress of invincible BJP.

His father Shibu Soren, well known to be the “Guruji” has served as the chief minister of Jharkhand state thrice and brought his elderly son Durga Soren into politics. But unfortunately, Durga Soren had passed away after long hard fighting with Kidney failure. During this phase, Shibu Soren was convicted for the Chirrudih massacre case. This situation has turned the public attention to Hemant Soren, brought a huge trust that eventually let lead JMM. After his father, Hemant Soren had become the immediate heir to take the position of his father after the cabinet quit and Hemant won the Dumka assembly seat in 2009.

Emerging as a Rajya Sabha member in the year 2009-2010, later Hemant Soren became the youngest chief minister of Jharkhand in the year 2013. In the year 2014 BJP took back the power from the JMM and crowned Raghubar das as the chief minister. Hemant Soren successfully sat as the opposition leader. In the past five years, BJP has accused Hemant Soren to bring the family into politics. Also, he had strongly opposed the ideologies of the JMM senior members like Stephen Marandi, Simon Marandi, and Hemlal Murmu also asked to quit from the party has led Murmu and Simon to join BJP.

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