How BJP increased its vote share in key states?

by Madhvi Bansal
BJP increased its vote

In Loksabha elections 2019, BJP has been able to make a significant victory by getting the maximum vote share. The thumping victory of Narendra Modi led BJP has made it to emerged as the first ever non-Congress government that has retained its power after its first term. The victory of BJP in several high profile states has been attributed to the increase in the vote share. This has helped the party to set a winning record with more vote share than the previous general elections in 2014.

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BJP dominated in Haryana

 Haryana has always been a stronghold for BJP since several part years. This year also the party has been able to make a victory but with a new set records. It has swept all the other parties and confirmed its triumph on all the ten seats. The party garnered 57.98% votes against 34.74% votes in Loksabha elections 2014. The rise in vote share also ensures prominent powers in the opposition to cease to resist.

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BJP makes a giant way in West Bengal

Loksabha election 2019 has given a way to BJP for in-roads in West Bengal. It has emerged out as a giant party that can give tough competition to Trinamol Congress that has stronghold in the state.   In West Bengal, tussle between Trinamol Congress and BJP often led to the violent turn and this year also the violence broke out during BJP’s election campaign. However, the party has been able to increase the vote share to 40.21 percent from 16.34 percent. BJPs share of votes in West Bengal gives a clear idea that the party wants to clearly sweep the ruling Trinamol congress as its dominance in West Bengal. 

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Expansion of geographic reach in electoral success

BJP has been able to expand its geographic reach in electoral success. In Uttar Pradesh, it has been able to win over 64 seats out of 80 seats, despite the challenge put forward by Mahagathbandhan or giant alliance. After securing all the seats in Delhi, BJP has made it difficult for AAP to make a comeback. In Rajasthan also, BJP received a vote share of 58.47 per cent. Despite securing 19.45 percent votes in Telangana, BJP has made its inroad to the state. Now, it can be clearly seen that in most of the states in India’s mainland, saffron coloured party is in the power, even at the centre also.