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How do train accidents happen?

by Madhvi Bansal
Train accident happen

Every year, thousands of people met with the train accidents. They lose their lives or met with the serious injuries that last with them forever. Sometimes, the lives of the survivors become worse than death. If you consider the history of the train accidents not only in India but throughout the world then you can easily that most of the train accidents could have been prevented. Well, in reality train accidents are majorly caused due to someone’s mistake or carelessness. Simply, thousands of lives can be saved just by adherence to the basic safety measures. 

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Common causes of train accidents

Although, reasons for the train accidents is not same all the time but generally, below mentioned are the most common causes: 

  • Derailment: Either problem in the track or train moving too fast is the major causes of derailment.  Rail tracks too have their speed limit so when the train over-speed on the track, the train’s wheels may get right off from the track. Sometimes the failures of the brakes also prevent the train drivers to control the speed of the train. Broken tracks or missing tracks also causes derailment. Failure of the components of the train is another common cause of derailment. 
  • Collision: There are different types of collisions which can be responsible for the train accidents. These include train on train collision, train collision with vehicle and train collision with pedestrian. Train on train collisions often occur due to the manual mistakes or faulty signal system. Vehicles or pedestrians attempting to cross the railway tracks or intentionally coming on the track on which train is about to pass is also a form of train accident.  

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 Preventing the train accidents

 Adhering to the regular maintenance of the railway tracks and the train components can greatly help in train accidents. Train safety measures also helps in preventing train accidents. Railway departments should ensure efficient working signal system to avoid the confusion for the train drivers. This enables them to save lives of thousands of people. These days, modern trains are equipped with the advanced technologies like GPS so that location of the trains and obstruction on the track can be tracked. Still, the railway management and common people should take care of the proper working of the train system to avoid train accidents.

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