How Fever Is Helpful To Us?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Have you ever heard that fever can be beneficial? Often the answer comes in a no. But we will tell you that Fever is beneficial in many ways. It reduces the serious consequences of the disease and the possibility of the disease persisting in the body for a long time.

Body temperature up to 98.6 degrees is considered normal?

 Not everyone has the same body temperature. It has no standard.  The temperature of each body is different. Body temperature decreases in the morning and rises in the evening. It also changes during exercise. It is also different at the time of menstruation. The elderly have a lower temperature than younger people. In addition, many types of researchers have taken temperature readings in the thousands of people found 97.5 degree temperature as New Normal. It found that the normal body temperature is 97.2 to 99.5 degrees.

 Professor Julie Personet of Stanford University reviewed the data from 1862 to 2017. She found that body temperature kept decreasing to 0.05 Fahrenheit every ten years.  Nearly 75% of the people have a normal body temperature below 98.6 degrees.

 Does temperature above 98.6 can be considered as fever?

 Professor Sharon S. Ivan answers this question yes. He says that there is fever at 98.6 temperature. However, the 100.4 degree temperature is considered the lowest level of fever.

 Is fever beneficial?

 Some researchers found fever as beneficial in many circumstances.

However, they advice taking medication on the prescription of a doctor to reduce fever. Fever affects every aspect of the immune system so that it can function properly.

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 Fever activates innate immunity.  During this time, white cells gather at one place. Neutrophils search for pathogens and macrophages in the body and hold them. The microphage then reacts and sends a signal to help.

After this the T cell and B cell of immunity come into action mode.  These cells react to the attacker once they form antibodies.

 Is it wrong to treat fever?

 University of Pennsylvania doctor Paul Ophitt has warned in his video about the treatment of fever. He believe that fever increases lifespan. He says immunity works well in high temperature. When we take medicine to reduce fever, we work against the immune system.

 Doctor Paul says that fever relieves symptoms of headaches, muscle aches and fatigue. But he suggests to rest at the time of fever. This can prevent the spread of infection.

 He says that fever does not allow viral shedding and flu-like illness to persist in the body for long.  According to doctor Gordon, the people get scared when they get fever and start treatment immediately. He says that high temperature fever is not harmful every time.

 Warning regarding high temperature fever

 If there is a reason for fever infection then we need to be cautious. If the child is locked in a car and an athlete is exercising in the sun, then there is an increased risk of stroke.

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 However, the people should take care of the methods of taking the temperature. The temperature of the ear is higher than the oral temperature, which is scanned next to the hand and the head.  Gordon says that new-borns’ temperature should be taken with a rectal thermometer.