How political parties are using Social Media for their gains

by Madhvi Bansal
Social media

For decades now, media has been playing a significant role in a democratic country like ours. It provides citizens with all the necessary day to day information. It has especially been beneficial in case of day -to-day political issues. From election campaigns to opinion polls, the media has become a common man’s guide. It is after Seeing the impact that it has on people, the political parties too have started using various social media platforms as a means to promote their agendas and other gains.

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Indian Politics transformed by social media

While the rally and public gatherings allow the politicians to share their thoughts and opinions with other people, social media has helped them further connect with the public. Currently all the major parties and politicians have their own verified accounts on public platforms like twitter, instagram, etc. This proves beneficial for them as they can at all times convey their view to the public.

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Majorly, politicians are using the social media platforms to promote their party campaigns. With the 2019 lok sabha elections taking place, social media has definitely proved to be a blessing for all the politicians and political parties. Now a days, the party strategists are creating memes or parodies on various leading political manner. This way they are able to degrade their opposition without any vicious jabs

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Social media creates a two-way communication channel

There are several surveys which conclude that social media provides a two-way communication channel between political parties and the public. Along with its benefits for the politicians, it provides the public with a platform to put forward their difficulties and struggles. It helps yhe public to make their voices heard and questions answered. From reporting grievances to helping in promoting political campaigns, the public is always in forefront.