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How to Control Our Anger

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Anger is a natural and healthy emotion. It can be positive when you are able to work through your day to day problems, be it at home or at work. However, it can be problematic if it leads to outbursts, aggression, or physical altercations.

Controlling anger is essential to help you in avoiding doing or saying things that you might tend to regret later. Before the anger escalates in you, you can indulge in some practices that would control the anger in you.

Here are some ways in which you can control your anger.

  1. Start counting

Start to count up or down up to 10. But if you are really mad start counting to 100. During the time you count, your heart rate will slow down and the anger in you will gradually subside.

  • Take slow deep breaths

When you are angry, your breathing speeds up and becomes shallower. You can reverse this trend by breathing slowly and taking deep breaths. Inhale deeply from your nose and exhale slowly from your mouth.

  • Go for a walk

Exercising will help in calming your nerves and gradually reduce the anger in you. Make sure to go for a walk, run a bit or go for cycling. You can even play your favorite game. Anything that pumps up your limbs will do good for your body and mind.

  • Muscle relaxation

When you relax your muscles progressively, it helps in slowly relaxing several muscle groups in your body, each at a time. It will automatically help in reducing the anger in you and help you slow down.

  • Stretch your body

Roll your neck or shoulders and perform some yoga-like non-strenuous movements. This will help in controlling your body and calm your emotions.

  • Escape mentally

If you feel like your anger is emerging fast, go to a quiet and peaceful room and close your eyes. Practice visualization wherein you are in a quiet and relaxing scene. This will calm your mind and soul and you wouldn’t feel the anger.

  • Avoid talking

When you are all steamed up, you might tend to speak words that flow out of anger and do only more harm than any good. Under this situation, do not say anything and stay mum, just like you did when you were in your school. When you don’t speak, it will give you some time to collect your thoughts properly.

  • Write

When you jot down what you feel in your journal, you tend to write things that you can’t say. It allows you to process and reassess what you feel. Your mind will calm down and you feel relaxed than ever.

  • Make changes in your routine

If the slow commute to your workplace arouses anger in you before you have had your first cup of coffee, make sure that you change your routine. Consider options in your lifestyle that wouldn’t upset you.

  1. Laugh

Nothing would positively change your mood than a good dose of a laugh. Look for ways in which you can laugh, be it scrolling through some memes, playing with kids, or watching some stand-up shows.

Feeling angry is quite normal, but if it turns into outbursts or aggression, you must take these steps that would help in calming your mind and soul.

Hope these tips help you in a way that would help in controlling your anger and boost up your mood.

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