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How to know about if you are in love with your best friend?

by Madhvi Bansal
Just friends

Love  is a big, loud emotion that drowns out  everything else, but sometimes it could be really sneaky. The toughest task is to find out when you are in love. Rather than a crashing wave of emotion washing over you, it creeps up out of nowhere. How to decide whether you are buddies or your relationship deserves a higher notch. Sometimes, changing a friendship into a romantic relationship can be risky, so you want to be sure what you’re feeling is real. How to know this???Just read below, and make a check on yourself !

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Your Day is incomplete until you’ve talked to them : If the best part of your day is talking to them, or it feels incomplete without at least for a few minutes talk, then your love may not be so low-key.

You prefer to hang out with them rather to go on an actual date: If the idea of grabbing pizza and hanging out with your “just friends” friend beats out looking for romance with a new stranger, then, he is definitely the one !

You want to spend all your free time with them: You could hang out with other people, but why would you when they are the obvious choice to hang out with. If he is the most fun person to be with, just don’t let him go !

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You don’t need a reason to meet him: Whatever the reason is, whether it’s runnings errands, fixing flat tyres, late night walks – just come with ! You feels so much easier because you’re not conscious anymore, and long silences feel comfortable, and he would never judge you for being weird.

They are the first person you want to share all your news with : When something amazing happens in your life, your first instinct is to share it with them. Because only they can really understand what it means to you.

You start dreaming up possibilities of being with him :  Bound to happen with that idle, overthinking mind of yours—thinking up things you shall never speak of. On other fun days, you’d go as far as randomly bringing up NSFW talks with him just for kicks, especially if he’s shy, because you can, and because you wouldn’t mind knowing.

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