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How Virat Kohli leans on senior colleagues when it comes to strategizing?

by Mahima Bhatnagar
Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has now become one of the sharpest captains of the Indian Cricket Team. He is aggressive and articulate sportsman who has the deeper insights of the plays. He knows well how to lead and take the control of the team. However, the best thing about Virat Kohli that must be appreciated is his dependency on senior colleagues while building the strategies for his team. There are several incidents when Virat has taken help from the senior colleagues and set victories in the matches.  

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Taking help from the seniors proves him a best captain

No doubt senior players have more experience on the ground. By taking their help to improve the weaknesses play a very crucial role in winning the cricket matches. Recently, in an interview Virat Kohli talked about how the media perceives him. Some people from media have their own set of projections while the others were expecting him to answer in a particular way. Shashtri thus said that those who kept on talking about the aggressive playing of Virat Kohli have they ever thought of the relationship that Virat has set with MS Dhoni and other senior players? He pointed out that it was his bonding with the seniors that has sustained the partnership between the two. He keeps on learning the strategies from MS Dhoni to lead his team in a better way and prove his captaincy worthy.

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 Smartest ever captain of Indian cricket team

 Everybody has seen his aggressive batting of Virat Kohli.  He used his ego against the best bowlers to give the best hit shots of his career.  According to English Summer, Virat Kohli has hardly played any aggressive shot against James Anderson.  He just kept on hitting the deliveries which enabled him to score high in the match. He is a smart sportsman who is not a fool to destroy himself through his own ego.  Many people say that he is self obsessed and this is the reason that makes it easier for him to make the relationship with seniors worked well.

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