Impeachment is no Lightning, It did strike Trump twice!!

by Shoubhik Sen
Pelosi impeach Trump

America has seen a number of Presidents get impeached; from ANDREW JOHNSON to BILL CLINTON to NIXON etc. But never has it seen the same office holder face impeachment twice. Well……today it has seen that as well. Donald Trump has become the ONLY president in the history of the nation, to undergo this ordeal twice. Now we are not here to discuss the moral aspects of this process; whether right or wrong. We will just look into the details of the impeachment. We will trace the reason behind this process and the scope of it’s success.


Speaker NANCY PELOSI has led an impeachment process in the past too. That was a more of a knee-jerk reaction to the Trump Administration’s investigation into the Biden Family’s secret dealings with Ukraine. Pelosi dubbed this a “Pressure Campaign” on the Bidens, to justify the process.
What we can take out of this is the fact that the House has always been on the lookout to impeach Trump; they were just waiting for the right opportunity. Opportunity knocked their doors in the form of the CAPITOL ATTACK by Trump Supporters. This was linked to Trump’s early January speeches where he said: –

“If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore”

Donald Trump (US President)

After conveniently ignoring his repeated appeals for a peaceful demonstration, Nancy Pelosi carried out the impeachment process claiming the Capitol Attack to be the darkest chapter in democracy. She called this process “a constitutional remedy that will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that holds us together”.


The major reason for the success of this impeachment attempt was the Republican Turncoat Squad. The “incitement to violence” allegation on Trump was agreed on, not just by Democrats but some Republicans too.
The House was successful in earlier Impeaching Trump too, but it was the Senate that stopped it from happening. The Republican dominated Senate ensured Trump’s acquittal.

Mitch Mconnell impeachment
Mitch McConnell supported fellow Republican Trump’s impeachment as well

However, seeing the Republican turncoats, this time the impeachment seems more likely. It won’t be a partisan affair like last time. Evidence can be Republican Senator (Kentucky) MITCH McConnell, who aims to purge his party of Trump. In the House too, 10 Republicans ended up joining the Democrats to charge Trump for his role in the Capitol Hill violence.
This the reason that a resounding 232 lawmakers voted in favor of impeachment while 197 voted against.

  With the House proceeding done with, case will now go to the Senate. Being the 2nd and more superior chamber, it's decision would be the make-or-break point in this ordeal. Sources say the trial would begin on INAUGURATION DAY itself i.e 20th January. If convicted, Donald Trump may as well prepare himself for another trial that would debate the prospects of barring him from ever holding public office again. Only time will tell, whether or not Trump will ever run for office or not. One thing that's for sure is that the next few months in America are going to be a roller coaster ride. All we need to do, is strap on and hope for the best.