International Yoga Day

by Madhvi Bansal
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yoga day

With Modi in power, India’s ancient Yoga practice has become world popular. Thanks to his tireless efforts that 21 June has been officially declared as International Yoga day. After this declaration, people all over the world are celebrating this ancient Indian practice and benefitting their health.

International day of yoga has been celebrated annually since 2015. This year Prime Minister will be addressing the International Yoga day programme in Ranchi. The state government is putting in a lot of effort in order to make the programme a success. The theme of the programme is ‘Climate Action’.

The word Yoga means to join or to unite and according to PM Modi, Yoga is one of the most powerful unifying forces in the world today. Today it is celebrated in almost all major nations of the world. It has been officially recognized by the United Nations and since then it has been celebrated worldwide with full vigor.

Yoga definitely offers a lot of health benefits to individuals. It is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to keep a healthy lifestyle and ward off diseases. The various asanas are extremely useful in maintaining a healthy mind and body balance

The very first Yoga day was celebrated in at Rajpath in New Delhi. PM Modi alongwith other dignitaries performed around 21 yoga asanas. Two Guinness World Records- first  was for being the world’s largest yoga class with 35,985 people and the second record was for having the maximum number of participating nationalities, which is 84.

Apart from being beneficial for health, Yoga is also important for India as it is a way of bringing back our cultural heritage and portraying it in front of the whole world. Revisiting our roots and proudly showing it off in front of the whole world has definitely put India and Indians in a very good light. People are actually looking up to our nation to learn new things about Yoga. 

It is expected that each year Yoga gains more popularity and reaches more people. India is very grateful in sharing this old gem of our country with the whole world.