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Japanese Oil Container Wrecked Into Two Parts, Spilled Tonnes Of Oil; Japan Assured To Pay For Environmental Damage

by Shatakshi

A Japanese-owned ship leaked several tons of oil.  The huge ship collided with the coral reef of Mauritius on 25 July and its structure began to break with strong waves, after which the oil leakage from the ship began. Now this ship has been wrecked into two parts. The photo was officially shared on social media on Sunday, showing that the MV Wakashio was split into two pieces

 On August 6, nearly 1,000 tons of oil spilled, posing a threat to mangrove forests and endangered species in the protected marine park. However, when this happened, the oil blocker and a skimmer ship were also nearby. Last week, an environmental emergency was declared in Mauritius.  As of Saturday, the ship had 90 tonnes of oil remaining, most of which was leftover from the leaked oil.

Meanwhile, Japan’s environmental minister, Shinjiro Koizumi, said that Japan’s capital Tokyo has announced the sending of an official ship and other necessary experts on behalf of the ministry to anticipate the loss in Mauritius.  Koizumi said that this oil crisis is serious and it can also damage biodiversity.

Apart from this, the pressure is being put on the government of Mauritius as to why it has not taken any action to stop the ship till now.  Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth said action was delayed due to bad weather.  The ship’s owner, Nagashiki Shipping Company, is investigating how the oil spill occurred from the ship?

The company has also sent experts on the spot to take stock of the damage.  The government of Mauritius is seeking compensation from the company.  Here Nagashiki has promised to respond to the proposal to compensate the damage done to the marine environment.  In addition, France and Japan have asked to help Mauritius in the operation to remove oil from the sea.

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 As soon as Japan declared an environmental emergency, thousands of voluntary workers reached there and started the work of removing oil.  So far more than 800 tonnes of oil liquid waste and more than 300 tonnes of solid waste have been silted and debris has been removed from the sea.

 Mauritius has a population of close to 13 lakhs, the economy of this country is highly dependent on the tourism industry.  The tourism industry of Mauritius has been badly affected due to the Coronavirus.  The people of Mauritius are deeply saddened by this situation, they also get raged after seeing this leakage.

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