Kamala Harris Cooks Masala Dosa Video Gone Viral

by Madhvi Bansal
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Indian origin Senator and democratic presidential aspirant Kamala Harris joined the Kitchen of popular comedian actress and writer Mindy Kaling in her kitchen in Los Angeles home to cook masala dosa during which they discussed their South Indian Heritage and roots. The video of the two making dosa adventure has gone viral since it was uploaded on social media and half a million views have hit Twitter alone. Kaling’s dad became the special guest appearance on the show. Mindy and Kamala discuss their South Indian roots and immigration stories of their families while making dosa. Mindy has been a long-time supporter of Harris who is of mixed Indian and American Heritage. Harri’s mother was from Chennai. According to Mindy Kaling, she believes in her. She says: ‘I think she is the really exciting candidate and I like her stances on so many issues that are important to me’.

Comment on the video

The video has gained a lot of warmth from Indian Americans which was less than nine minutes in which Harris acknowledged that she has never made doses before.

Vinita Gupta President and CEO of the leadership conference on civil and Human Rights said,” loved all of this.”

Kal Penn, former Obama administration official, and actor also commented saying,” Dear 12 year old me, one day, one of the funniest people on TV will cook a meal with the progressive US Senator who happens to be running for president and they will both be a strong Indian American woman.”

Gautam Raghavan, Chief of staff to Indian American Congresswomen also tweeted saying,” in which two South Indian American women one Mindy Kaling a TV celebrity, the Other Kamala Harris a candidate for president make dosa and eat with their hands and the whole world loves it and I feel all the # desi pride.”

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More about video

Mindy Kaling and Kamala Harris released a heartwarming video where they cook South Indian food together and share the stories about the immigrant mothers and bonding over how their parents both reused taster’s choice jars to store Indian spices.

People easily discovered how much they had in common as Indian Americans. One unexpected commonality is that both Harris’s mother and Kaling dad reused taster’s choice jars to store spices. Harris further explained, “oh my god, you have no idea this is how much my mother kept all of her stuff “when she saw them on Kaling‘s Kitchen counter.

Kaling also added that’ she and Harris are specifically South Indian and they walked through some of the staple specific from that region like rice and yogurt, potato curry, dal and idli, and no meat. Even the dog would eat rice and yogurt. ‘She further added that South Indians generally eat a vegetarian diet.

Kaling also said that within South Indian food there are differences of opinion. At one point Kaling also mentions that she puts peas and cashews and her potato gravy.

The cooking took off and both women addressed their late mothers in a very sweet way. Kaling’s mother was a doctor, she shared, and Harris’s mother was a breast cancer researcher, both the ladies immigrated to America from India at the age of 28 at 19 respectively.

Both the ladies recalled how their mother’s food was such a memorable part of their childhood. Harris described how hers would have freshly baked cookies ready every day after school and always made everything from scratch. Many Indian Americans started sharing their reactions on social media showing how well food can bond two people together.