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Why #kambalchor_UPPolice was Trending on Twitter?

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Since the passage of the CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT ACT (CAA), there are protests all over India, somewhere protests became violent and at other places, it remains silent, but Uttar Pradesh administration took a very strong stand against the protestors since its beginning. In protest against CAA, NRC more than 19 people lost their lives and about 700 people were detained. Also, earlier UP CM (Yogi Adityanath) announced that the loss of public property will be recovered by capturing the personal property of the protestors. But this time it was something very unique police action was seen, On 18th January, in Lucknow, some women around 500 gathered at the city’s clock tower for 24 hours sit-in peaceful protest against CAA, NRC on the lines of Shaheen Bagh protest of Delhi. As soon as Police got the information about this protest Police reached the spot in large numbers but if Police would have used hard hand or resorted to Lathis ( sticks) against women then this would become very shameful for UP Police. So UP Police devised an all-new solution for this, Police snatched blankets, snacks and other things which protestors brought to overpower chilling winter. As soon as the video of such incident went viral netizens took a jibe at UP Police on Twitter and #kambalchor_UPPolice came in the top trending list of Twitter. Netizens also made memes on it which were trending on social media. Those who were present at clock tower were saying that Police not only snatched the blankets and snacks but also detained the person who was providing such basic things for protest. After such incident UP Police is again facing severe criticism just like before.

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