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Law students files a PIL against installation of CCTVs in classrooms

by Madhvi Bansal
Law student files PIL against CCTV

Amber Tickoo, a third year law student, recently filed a plea against the installation of CCTV cameras in the Delhi classrooms. The petition stated that the presence of cameras in the classroom and its live feed to the parents is not only the violation of the privacy of the students, but also a concern of their safety.

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CCTVs might become a cause for psychological trauma

Amber Tickoo challenged the Delhi government about their decision of installing cameras and providing live feed to the parents. She contended this decision saying that the government’s plan is not well-thought or well-researched. There are several flaws such lack of data security, preparing the students mentally.

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Ms. Tickoo’s main argument while filing the petition was that the installed CCTV cameras in the classroom will be used to watch the adolescents which likely would result in a traumatised experience for them. It would also put them under pressure psychologically. She stated that “The said installation of CCTV cameras and providing live feed of the same to anyone with a user id and password jeopardises the safety and security of young girls as also the female teachers and shall directly give rise to the incidents of stalking and voyeurism”.

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Obvious flaws in government’s plan

Ms. Tickoo’s plea represented by Jai Dehadrai and Srishti Kumar, stated that the Delhi government’s decision is not only a violation of moral code, but also a violation of the fundament right to privacy of the students. Its in direct contravention to the right to privacy as a fundamental right under Article 21 of the constitution.

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However, one of the biggest concerns regarding the policy is its lack of safety and security in terms of storing data. The petition stated “This data is prone to being hacked and poses a serious threat to the privacy and security of the children as well as the teachers.”

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