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List of celebrities babies who are born through surrogacy 

by Madhvi Bansal
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Parenthood today is never again restricted to the conventional means of birth, as individuals have started to select elective factors, such as appropriation, sperm gift, egg gift & in-vitro fertilization (IVF). While it is still encircled by considerable stigma, surrogacy is increasing significant prominence as individuals become progressively mindful of the training. With the assistance of surrogate mothers, numerous celebrities have been ready to satisfy their desire for parenthood and thus, decrease the stigma surrounding surrogacy. 

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In any case, the subject is still an intriguing issue. In India, for instance, Bollywood celebs such as executive Karan Johar and entertainer Tusshar Kapoor as of late wound up glad fathers via surrogacy, yet a proposed law will bar every unmarried couple and single parents from picking this course. 

Johar joins various celebrities around the globe who have had kids via surrogacy. Here are some of them: 

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  1. Karan Johar 

Chief and TV personality, Karan Johar as of late turned into a dad to twins, Roohi and Yash, via surrogacy in February 2017. They have been named after his new dad, Yash and a modification of his mom’s name, Hiroo. According to the registration of birth, he was listed as the dad, with no notice of the mother. 

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker 

After Sex & the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick had their first youngster in 2002; they struggled with getting pregnant & went to surrogacy as a choice. Their twin girls, Marion & Tabitha, were born in 2009. 

  1. Shah Rukh Khan 

Abram, Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s third son, was born rashly via surrogacy. After some time, he turned out to be very close to his senior siblings, Aryan and Suhana. He is incredibly prominent on social media and is the apple of his parents’ eyes. 

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  1. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 

Neil Patrick Harris and his accomplice had friendly twins, Gideon and Harper, who were born to a surrogate mother in 2010. They used sperm from every one of them and the same lady for contributor eggs, to make the twins. 

  1. Chris Daughtry 

In the wake of bringing forth two kids, Hannah and Griffin and after that an incomplete hysterectomy, Daughtry’s significant other Deanna couldn’t conceive an offspring in a customary manner, and they went to IVF and surrogacy. In 2010, they invited twins, Adalynn Rose and Noah James. 

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