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Lockdown Guidelines Revised to Give More Relaxations.

by Aditi

The Union Home Ministry has issued revised new guidelines for all the states and union territories. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the lockdown 2.0 on Tuesday. While announcing the extension of lockdown till May 3, PM Modi said that all guidelines related to it will be issued on Wednesday.

PM Modi said on Tuesday, “By 20 April every town, every police station and every state will be tested more closely. There will be more strictness for a week. How much lockdown has been followed, how much has it saved itself from Coronavirus, it will be evaluated. In areas that will not allow hotspots to grow, some necessary activities may be allowed and exempted from April 20.”

After April 20, some areas will get exemption in lockdown only when there is no case of the corona. If the trend changes, the lockdown will continue in the same way. It is also necessary to do this so that Corona is completely eradicated from those areas. Areas will also be opened in a limited way and it will be difficult to get permission to go anywhere.

As the lockdown progresses, the detainee has now moved forward. Flights, railways, buses will not run until 3 May. Railways said in a statement, ‘All passenger train services including premium trains, mail / express trains, passenger trains, suburban trains, Kolkata Metro Rail, Konkan Railway have been suspended till 12 pm on May 3. However, goods trains will be exempt during this period. The ban on all types of public places will continue.  Anyway there is no permission to go out but the critical areas have been sealed where it is strictly adhered to.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Tuesday that there is enough stock of food, medicines and everyday essential goods in the country. No citizen needs to be disturbed. The Home Minister strongly praised the coordination between the Center and the states for fighting COVID-19. Welcoming the decision to extend the lockdown by 3 May, the Home Minister said, “It was necessary to do this to protect the lives and lives of India and Indians”.

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