Lok Sabha results: No Priyanka Gandhi ‘magic’ in Uttar Pradesh

by Madhvi Bansal
Published: Last Updated on
Priyanka gandhi

Congress party expected Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in the general elections 2019 that she would turnaround her magic wand to get some fortune for the party. However, her calculative campaigns failed to lift the party from the chasm of political irrelevance. She had been appointed as the general secretary in-charge of UP right before the general elections 2019.  The disappointing results for congress have also shattered the party’s hope for the assembly elections scheduled in 2022.

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Calculative approach of Priyanka

 It would not be wrong to say that Priyanka had the calculative approach in the general elections 2019. This approach allowed her to take the stand as the supportive role for the family while making Rahul Gandhi to take the charge of the centre. Her subtle ways-stopping to greet Modi’s promoters, speaking Punjabi and invoking her roots in Delhi, to connect with the masses had helped her lot to establish herself as a good politician. She had made attempts to connect with more and more people through participating in rallies and roadshows for the congress candidates from different constituencies. 

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Followed the realistic approach

After landing formally into the Indian Politics, she had told congress party workers that she cannot do the magic to win the general elections 2019. First of all, there is a need to strengthen the party from the root. She had given the tickets in UP only to those candidates whom she thought would be able to either to win or cut down the votes of BJP. 

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Distinctive feature of campaign was aggressive take down from the policies of Narendra Modi. She has always supported her party as an inheritor of the legacy created by her grandmother Indira Gandhi. The jury is wondering why she had not competed from Varanasi to take on PM Modi.  However, she has been able to establish herself as a good politician to take on the party’s challenges. It is hope that her strengths will bring the party workers together and revive the party’s future in UP.