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Marvel TV Officially Shuts Down, Current Series Folded Into Marvel Studios

by Madhvi Bansal

Marvel TV has officially decided to shut down all its operations. According to news reports, all the existing series will continue to be produced under the banner of Marvel Studios. This news certainly comes as a shocker for fans as some of the tops show that we watch in popular streaming portals like Netflix, Hulu and even Channels like ABC are from Marvel TV. 

This decision to shut down Marvel TV has been made on the pretext that it had a tough phase for the past 12 months. In addition, Jeph Loeb, the Marvel TV head, has decided to leave the office. He is still in charge until the pending series and shows are taken over by the Marvel Studios, according to news sources. 

Netflix and Hulu are some of the top players which stream most of the Marvel TV projects. As per reports they have decided to complete every series that are currently in production and aired live on TV.  As the TV head departs early, all the existing series productions will be handled by the Marvel Studios. In order to assist and guide the Marvel Studios, a team headed by the senior vice president of Marvel TV has been officially joined. This clearly means you still can watch some of your favorite TV series but there will not be any further projects from now on. 

Over the past 12 months in Marvel TV, there was uncertainty written all over it. If noticed carefully, they have been canceling a lot of shows and series in a short span. The project which is a spinoff of Ghost Rider was not started at all. Most of the animated TV series that were on the cards for various streaming sites are shelved. Marvel TV’s popular show on ABC is about to end as it the last season. The popular movie and TV series streaming platform Netflix has suffered a big blow after the shows like Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones was canceled one after another. According to the news reports from Deadline, the exit of the TV head followed all these events lead to the complete shuttering of Marvel TV.

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Staffs from Marvel TV are now being reassigned to different positions in order to manage and complete the ongoing projects, according to sources. Not all of them get the chance to work again. The majority of the Marvel TV staff had to leave the job as there are not enough projects to be managed. Marvel TV has its own operations and had no links in the past with the Marvel Studios in terms of production and releases. As a Marvel TV fan, you can still manage to watch the last season of S.H.I.E.L.D and four of the animated series. The four animated projects that are in the pipeline for HULU include MODOK, Tigra and Dazzler, Howard the Duck and Hit Monkey, according to the official reports from Marvel TV. Marvel fan base for the movies and TV shows still believe somehow the brand will figure out the ways to entertain. 

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