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Months after Balakot Strike, India launches Cloud Proof Spy Satellite

by Madhvi Bansal
Cloud Proof Spy Satellite

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched a new “spy-satellite” that is said to be capable of functioning even in cloudy conditions. This launch, coming a few months after the Balakot strikes, leaves no room for doubt that there shall be no difficulties the next time India decides to conduct another airstrike on any one of the various terrorist bases in Pakistan.

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The Vehicle weighs 615kg and was launched from ISRO’s PSLV

The satellite, called “RISAT 2B” was launched today using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle of ISRO, and it has been applauded by several eminent personalities. It is capable of extremely clear visuals even during unfavorable weather like clouds, storms, rains etc. It is also the first satellite to use India’s first homemade Vikram Processor, which was created as a result of the Make In India programme. ISRO chief Dr.Sivan called the launch a “fantastic step” whilst also highlighting the main features and advantages of the satellite as compared to the previous satellites. 

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With the launch of this satellite, ISRO has also crossed the landmark of sending over 50 tonnes of material into space. 

RISAT 2B will be invaluable to future Airstrikes

On February 26th, the Indian Air Force had sent several fighter jets to a terrorist camp deep inside Pakistan’s borders, in retaliation to the terrorist attack in India on the 14th of February. However, due to cloudy conditions at the time of the attack, no actual photos or footage of the air strike were taken by the satellite. It is being said that the weather conditions blinded the satellites rendering them incapable of taking photos. This has led many leaders in the opposition to question the impact and the authenticity of the air strikes, demanding proof that it actually took place. 

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With RISAT2B now in the atmosphere, kept at a low level, in order to track hostile installations at the border and also help in formulating other strategy, it is certain that the next time India launches an air strike, there will definitely be proof to show for it, so that no one can ever again question the integrity and the work of the Indian Armed Forces.  

Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted after the launch, congratulating the Indian Air Force and ISRO after the launch.

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