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Muslims have 150 countries to go to, Hindus have only India’: Gujarat CM

by Aditi

In the wake of protests everywhere in India against the recent citizenship bill – CAA, we could see statements for and against the bill from celebrities and politicians every single day. One such statement from the Gujarat CM in support of the CAA bill has stirred mixed emotions from the people.

According to the Gujarat Chief Minister, Unlike Muslims, Hindus have no other place other than India. He said he strongly believes that Muslims can find a place and reside anywhere in one of the 150 Islamic countries. He stated this on Tuesday at a gathering in support of the citizenship bill at Sabarmati Ashram.

In the same rally, he also continued to take a dig on Congress leaders for not accepting the new bill on CAA. As per the new bill, a large number of Non-Muslim especially Hindu refuges from three neighbors – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh who are here till Dec 2014 will get Indian Citizenship.

He also went on to say that the present Hindu population in India is quite low compared to what it was back in 1947. The partition has changed the equation and the population of Hindus declined there due to persecution, rapes and more. He feels this is the reason why they prefer to migrate to India. BJP is doing what Congress should have done back during their days, he added.

Further in the rally while Gujarat Chief Minister was talking about the role of congress in the anti-CAA protests said that “Gandhiji was also of the opinion that India should grant citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan. Even Manmohan Singh had supported such proposal when he was the PM (under Congress rule). Congress must explain to the nation why the party is opposing the CAA now.”

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