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Mysterious relationship between Rekha and Farzana

by Madhvi Bansal
Mysterious relationship between Rekha

Beautiful veteran Bollywood actress Rekha is now in her 60s but her beauty doesn’t seem to fade with the passing years. She is as beautiful as she was years ago. She had always wooed her fans with her acting and beauty. However, her personal life has been a huge mystery for Bollywood and her fans. Call it a fate of destiny that even after marrying more than one time, she remained alone throughout her life. She is an epitome of glamour but her life is full of controversies and link-ups.   Mohandeep, a famous journalist, has unfolded many secrets about Rekha’s life including her relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, Vinod Mehra, Mukesh Agarwal and Farzana in his book ‘Eurekha’.

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Unknown mystery linked with Rekha

Affair with superstar Amitabh Bachchan is the greatest mystery that has been linked with Rekha.  Apart from this, there is one more mysterious relation in which Rekha is linked up.  This is her relation with her manager Farzana. Several years ago, Farzana used to be her hair stylist but now Rekha consider her as soul sister. Farzana sticks with Rekha, no matter where she goes regardless of the award function, shooting or vacation. According to Mohandeep’s book, Rekha is very particular about her bedroom. She doesn’t allow anyone to enter her bedroom except Farzana who has been with her since the past three decades.

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Facts about relation between the two

If the facts are to be believed, Rekha and Farzana are said to have sexual relationship with each other. Farzana, the so called manager of Rekha, is always seen in black or white outfit. She is alleged to have the sexual relationship with Rekha.  As Farzana has consistently accompanied Rekha, many people have believed that she is bisexual. Malavika Sanghvi, a journalist, even has said, “She is her consultant, her friend and supporter and Rekha simply can’t live without her”. According to some sources, Farzana was the reason for which Rekha’s ex-husband, Mukesh Agarwal, has committed suicide. It is also said that  Farzana plays  the role of man in Rekha’s life.

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