Narendra Modi targeted again on Gandhi Family

by Madhvi Bansal
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Modi vs priyanka

As the general elections 2019 enters in the last stage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again allegedly targeted former PM Rajiv Gandhi to corner down Rahul Gandhi and Congress together.  He said that INS Virat which was commissioned at the nation’s boundary for the security purpose was used by former PM to take him and his family for a holiday to an Island.

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He also added that in-laws of Former PM were too transported along with the other family members on the same ship and the Naval personnels were there for serving and taking care of the comfort of the PM and his family members.  While compromising on the National security the ship was stationed at that particular island for 10 days till the family was on holiday.

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The series of allegations on Congress and Gandhi family members doesn’t end here. PM Narendra Modi has also said that former PM Rajiv Gandhi was the No.1 Bhrashtachari after which he is under intense criticism. Rahul Gandhi and other leaders in the opposition have responded a shame on the PM as he had disrespected a “Martyr”. They said that it is the indecency of PM Narendra Modi for saying such words for the former PM who was actually murdered by the terrorists.

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PM Modi in his speech in a rally in Delhi has used other citations as well to aside Congress from the race to Delhi. He took the example of 1984 anti-Sikh riots. He said that the riots broke out right after the assassination of former PM Indira Gandhi after which Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister. Former PM Rajiv had said that   the riots were obvious as some turbulence after a big tree falls down. Through this incident, PM wants to bring into the notice that anti-Sikh riots were instigated by Rajiv Gandhi.

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Well, all the major and small political parties have their eyes on Delhi right now hence they don’t want to miss any chance to recall the mistakes of their competitors. BJP and Congress too are in the race to win the confidence of the public so that they can come up as the major power in the centre.