Why We Celebrate National Voters’ Day On 25th January?

by Shatakshi Gupta
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Today, National Voters’ Day is being celebrated across the country. According to the Indian Constitution, the people are the foundation of this democracy, where the public chooses the government. Public has the direct right to choose the central and state government once in every 5 years. Today we celebrate the same spirit.

So now the question is, why is Voters’ Day celebrated? When did this day dedicated to voters begin to be celebrated? And many others. So let’s know, everything that we need to know.

Why is National Voters’ Day celebrated?

There were two reasons behind celebrating this day, firstly Inclusive and secondly Qualitative Participation. The aim was that no voter should be left behind in voting. There was another motive behind this. The Election Commission on this day identifies voters whose age is 18 years.

All their names are included in the voter list. 25th January was selected for this purpose, as on this day in 1950 Election Commission came into existence. Theme of Voters’ Day in 2021 is ‘Making Our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe and Informed’.

 First Voters’ Day

 In 2011, under the Manmohan Singh government, it started. It had been 61 years since the establishment of the Election Commission in 2011. The then President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil started celebrating this day on 25 January as National Voters’ Day.

 How is Voters’ Day celebrated?

 Every year since 2011, January 25 is celebrated as Voters’ Day. It has a theme. On this day, the government campaigns to make voters aware. Especially voters who are going to cast vote for the first time or whose names are not yet in the voter list. On this day a National Award is conferred on those who have excelled in the election process.

 Who can vote in India?

 According to the Constitution of India, a citizen of India whose age is 18 years or more can cast his/her voter. The constitution adopted the Universal Adult Suffrage( Article 326). There will be no discrimination on the basis of caste, sex, race, religion etc. (Article 325). NRIs who hold an Indian passport also have the right to vote.

Source: ANI News

 What is the role of the Election Commission?

The Election Commission of India was established on 25 January 1950. This institution comes under Article 324 of the Constitution. It is a constitutional body consists of three member heads, first the Chief Election Commissioner and two other commissioners. They are appointed by the President.  Everyone has a tenure of 6 years.   The Election Commission of India is responsible for conducting all the elections held in the country except Panchayat and Municipal Election( these are conducted by State Election Commission).


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Election conducted by ECI includes Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Assembly , Legislative Council, Presidential and Vice Presidential elections. The Election Commission plays the role of guardian during the election. ECI sets all the guidelines of the election, which apply to candidates and all political parties. If these guidelines are violated during the election, it can be reported to the Election Commission. This organization takes all kinds of decisions related to elections.